Leland Native Finds Success with 3 Dimensional Fitness Personal Training

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Down two dress sizes, soon to be 50-year-old Michelle Hassell is enjoying her youthful, more toned figure, courtesy of personal trainer and 3 Dimensional Fitness owner, Willie Davis.

“It’s nice to get a compliment. When people say, ‘where do you work-out?’ I’m assuming that means it looks like I work-out,” smiles Hassell. “I’m proud to tell them, here’s where I go, let me give you his number.”

Quite a few have been giving Willie Davis a call lately. His client base jumped 60 percent since moving his gym from his home garage to a Leland warehouse on Industrial Blvd. in June. The draw? Davis’s “3D” workouts are custom made, tailored specifically for the individual. Plus, anyone willing to give Willie Davis a try gets an initial 30-minute session for free.

“I’m not one of those trainers who likes to make people throw up and pass out on their first visit,” says Davis. “I base their program off of what they can and can’t do when I first meet them…then I really put the screws to them.”

“He’s hilarious so that helps take your mind off your burning muscles,” laughs Hassell.

Davis is a former route drive for a uniform company. When he himself got noticeable results from working with a personal trainer a few years back, friends noticed.

“They’d say, ‘what’ve you been doing?’. After a while of people asking me all the time, I thought maybe I can make some money at this,” Davis says.

Davis became a certified personal trainer, turned his garage into a gym and posted on Facebook he was open for business. Much to Davis’s surprise, several said, ‘I’m in’.

“Boom, it took off from there,” he says.

Michelle Hassell was one of the first to sign up.

“He listened to me, what my goals were and designed my workout based on my goals,” Hassell says. “If you want to lose weight, he focuses on that; if you want to tone up, he focuses on that; if you want to build muscle, he works you out hard to do that.”

At first, it was an on-the-side gig with Davis training people out of his garage in between work shifts, but as clients increased, the need for a bigger space became a priority. Davis’s customers helped pitch in to secure the warehouse on Industrial Blvd.

The Leland native says it’s the perfect spot.

“I was born and raised in Leland. I had no desire whatsoever to go across the bridge. I wanted to stay here, I wanted to have an opportunity to train people in my hometown,” Davis says.

Today, Davis is fulltime at 3D offering 3 Dimensional personal training and weekly boot camps with a focus on core strengthening and consistency.

“There is no quick fix,” he says. “You have to be consistent.”

Davis also provides nutrition counseling and meal plans and pushes eating clean. Getting clients to adhere, he says, is a work in progress.

“They always tell me, ‘I ate good tonight!’, but I’m on Facebook. They post their food so I see what they eat. They’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t eat the fries!’ Stuff like that happens all the time,” Davis laughs.

Want to try 3 Dimensional Fitness?
9075 Industrial Blvd NE Unit H (14.01 mi)
Leland, North Carolina 28451
(910) 431-6815
Facebook: 3dimensionalfitnesspt

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