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by May 20, 2022Education, South Brunswick

Resilient Brunswick, a task force that helps strengthen and support local youth, will offer two free screenings of the groundbreaking film Resilience on May 25.

In this community many civic and faith-based groups support local youth through volunteerism. This can take the form of volunteering in schools as mentors or tutors; volunteer coaching of sports teams; leading youth groups; or working as a volunteer in a summer camp or Bible school program.

Often through these activities, volunteers work with students who have experienced one or more adverse childhood experiences (ACES) that affect their emotional, mental and physical well-being. By providing volunteers with insight into these adverse experiences and their impact on youth, as well as providing volunteers with tools to help build resiliency skills for youth, our community can be strengthened.

Resilient Brunswick, group of local nonprofits, business leaders and individuals, is working to help community members develop personal resiliency skills and provide opportunities for people to help others so we can reduce the incidences of suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence and other public health concerns to make Brunswick County a healthier place for everyone.

One step is for civic and faith-based volunteers to participate on Wednesday, May 25, in a free screening of the film Resilience and hear more about ACEs and local resiliency efforts from a panel of local professionals dedicated to this work. The film event will be held at Odell Williamson Auditorium at Brunswick Community College.

The film shares research conducted by Dr. Nadine Burke and Kaiser Permanente and the resulting ACEs questionnaire. It provides an opportunity for participants to hear how they can assess their own personal risk factors and develop and use personal resiliency skills to overcome any negative effects experienced because of ACEs. Volunteers can then be better prepared to recognize these risk factors among the youth they serve and help these youth develop personal resiliency skills. Following the film there will be an opportunity for those who wish to further explore resiliency by joining Resilient Brunswick in its efforts to create a more resilient, supportive community in Brunswick County.

Resiliency Screening Flyer

A groundbreaking study conducted by Dr. Nadine Burke and Kaiser Permanente concluded that some core life experiences can place us at significant risk of emotional and physical health issues if we do not receive the support needed, or develop the skills required, to address the potential long-term negative impact of these experiences. The experiences include divorce, domestic violence, abuse, an incarcerated parent and other events many of us experience as children. Additionally, events we collectively experience as adults, such as natural disasters, can have a similar impact.

Surprisingly, this study revealed that the risk for negative health effects from these experiences is the same for people of all genders, race and ethnic groups, ages and socio-economic statuses. The good news is it also highlighted the fact that we all have innate resiliency skills we were born with and can tap into to help us overcome the potential negative effects of these experiences. As a community, we can also provide support to others to help them as well.

While we all experience negative events in our lives, we don’t have to suffer the long-term consequences that can result. Likewise, when our community experiences a traumatic event like loss from a natural disaster, we can come together to support one another and reduce those negative effects on our bodies and minds. This is an issue that affects us all and requires everyone’s participation to make a change in how we individually and as a community respond to stress and support healthy outcomes.

Want to go?
Free Screening of Resilience
Hosted by Resilient Brunswick
Wednesday, May 25
Odell Williamson Auditorium at Brunswick Community College, 150 College Road NC, Bolivia