Jumpin’ Java Offers Unique Coffee and Experiences

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Who knew roosters could roast. Coffee, that is.

Sonny and Sarah Moy, owners of Jumpin’ Java coffee shops with locations in Shallotte and Oak Island, have found the perfect team to help market their new line of roasted coffee beans, farm animals. Namely, their roosters and hens, hence the name, “The Rooster and the Hen Coffee Company”.


“On all of our Instagram and Facebook posts you’ll see the chickens running around in the back ground. People think that’s really cool so we are using that as our new brand,” said Sonny Moy.

Jumpin Java in Oak Island“The Rooster and the Hen” coffee beans are the wholesale side of the Moy’s business. When not running their Jumpin’ Java shops, the Moy’s roast coffee beans from their Shallotte farm where they also live. The new Rooster and Hen brand goes along nicely with the Moy’s commitment to providing organic, locally grown or in this case, locally roasted coffee to their customers and retailers, supplying freshly roasted coffee to area shops including their own.

“We got into roasting to have more control over where the coffee comes from who roasted it, who grew it, more control over what we were selling,” said Moy.

Sonny and Sarah jumped in to Jumpin’ Java when they were newlyweds. Sonny, fresh out of business school was looking for a new business venture, Sarah, a dental assistant at the time was intrigued by the science behind making good coffee. The two purchased the Shallotte Jumpin’ Java in 2011 and created fun drinks like the “Shallatte”, a mix of caramel, toasted marshmallow and vanilla. That shop is now managed by Sonny’s mom, Sue Moy. A second Jumpin’ Java was opened in Oak Island in 2012 where the popular “Oak Islander” white chocolate, salted caramel, banana frappe is served. Rather than invest in a third location, the Moy’s invested in a coffee roaster instead, a small one at the time. Sonny and a friend began selling roasted beans under the label “Focal”. When the friend moved away, the Moy’s re-branded to the Rooster and the Hen, brought in Sonny’s dad, Rick to help run the business and upgraded to a new, state of the art roaster, so complex, it required 20 hours of training to learn how to operate it.

“I tell people it’s the difference between driving a Honda Civic versus a six-speed Ferrari. I have control over every aspect of the roast, how long, how hot or cool, if there’s a blueberry flavor in the beans or a nutty or caramel flavor I can push that flavor to the front if I want,” said Moy.

The mega machine also allows the Moy’s to produce “micro lot” or smaller portions to greatly increase freshness and the flavor of the coffee.

“Most coffees when you buy them, they come from a big conglomerate from a country or a region, probably from a couple hundred farms pulled together…but you lose little intricate variations of the coffee,” explains Moy. “We focus on one single farm, each coffee we carry comes from a single farmer. We know their names, we have pictures of their family, we know what else was grown on the farm, how it’s processed which is what we were looking for when we started roasting,” he said.

With cold brew trending, the Moy’s make and bottle that too.

The Moy’s are hoping to get The Rooster and the Hen coffee into shops across North Carolina this summer with Jumpin’ Java customers getting the first sip.

The only Moy not drinking it will be Sarah who is expecting their first child in December.

Check out fun posts at www.RoosterandtheHenCoffee.com and follow @Rooandhencoffee  on Instagram as the Moy’s turn their farm into a backdrop and their animals into models for The Rooster and the Hen.

Jumpin’ Java – Shallotte
4635 Main St. 
Shallotte, NC

Jumpin’ Java – Oak Island
4022 Old Bridge Rd SE
Southport, NC 28461

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