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by Jun 29, 2020Business, North Brunswick, People

In these current times of COVID-19, we are all navigating through uncharted waters.

Whether we are wondering what direction our lives will take after the pandemic has receded or what our financial situation will look like when the economy gets back to full steam, the uncertainty takes us all out of our comfort zone. With so many people with so much on the line with their investment and retirement plans, it is comforting to know we have experienced professionals in that field that we can trust to steer us to smooth sailing after the storm has passed.

This is why I wanted to speak with Jonathan Tait, a Senior Wealth Advisor and licensed Certified Financial Planner Professional with Signature Wealth Strategies in Leland. I knew his 19+ years of experience in this field could provide me with a big picture view of the market cycles and how to best stay the course through times such as these.

Originally from the New Bern area and a graduate of UNC – Chapel Hill, Jonathan followed in his fathers’ footsteps and went to work for Raymond James Financial Services in 2001. Starting in the St. Petersburg, Florida, office it was there he put his English degree to work as he wrote reports for the company on when to buy, sell and hold stocks. It was there he met his future wife, Kristin — she had a corporate position and was responsible for opening new locations throughout the county.

After marrying, the couple moved to Leland to open their own Raymond James office. Jonathan described to me their reasoning for choosing Leland. “When my wife and I moved to Leland in 2006, we felt a little like pioneers. Walmart had just opened its doors on Highway 17 and the Harris Teeter shopping center was being cleared. No one outside of Leland understood why we wanted to live here and not somewhere else. We love the feel of a small town where people wave to you on the street, you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know and just about everyone has moved here from somewhere else. We felt this was a place where we could put in the hard work, time and effort to become impactful members of the community and we continue to work every day to make that happen.”

Since then his office alone has grown to manage more than $150m, and with the Signature Wealth Strategies group he is part of they together manage over $1.5b in assets as of June 2020. When I asked him how they approach each day he told me, “When we come to work, our first job is to empower our clients to plan their future with confidence. We believe our clients can then focus their energy on our area’s perpetual growth, its constant improvement and their own continuous education.” They want to help the client focus on a strategic plan, a budget and their spending practices to help them reach their financial goals. This means offering a higher level of service that ensures they are doing what is in the very best interest of their client.

Jonathan’s dedication and success led to his election to the Leland Town Council from 2011 to 2015. Under the current COVID-19 restrictions, he says they are able to fully function as a business like before, albeit using conference calls, Zoom calls and other types of electronic meetings to take the place of a face-to-face meeting. He says it is important that all customers can still have immediate answers to their questions and concerns during any crisis. “We started this business during the “Great Recession.” Our clients trusted us then, just as they trust us now, to bring them through tough times and allow them to live their lives no matter the circumstances.”

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