John Maynard Brings Experience to Law Enforcement

by Jul 12, 2018North Brunswick, People

John Maynard is a man of distinction. He has been a notable community member of the Cape Fear region for nearly 30 years, owning and operating a karate school and private gym. Maynard has an impressive and award-winning background, with accolades ranging from international karate champion to being the first person worldwide to receive a black belt under three national champions: Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace, and Joe Lewis.

But aside from his prowess as a martial arts competitor, he is also extremely versed in the use of weaponry and close quarter combat. Maynard is passionate about what he does and eager to teach what he knows. He recently started bringing his knowledge to law enforcement officials in Brunswick County.

John Maynard martial artist NC

John Maynard. (PHOTOGRAPHY BY Kharin Gibson)

Maynard’s studio, Champion Martial Arts and Fitness, located in Wilmington, offers many martial arts and fitness classes. In addition, he teaches a weekly self-defense class for women where they learn tactical maneuvers, both offensive and defensive, to thwart attackers in life-threatening situations. Identifying ways to use martial arts techniques for safety is where Maynard makes a big mark on the community.

Many believe that empowering oneself to ward off danger has become increasingly important. This is true not only for the civilian but for the professional law enforcement officer, as well.

About 15 years ago, Maynard, along with an anonymous high-ranking government employee, co-founded a training system they’ve coined Offensive Strategic Body Defense (“OSBD”). This defensive system is approved by the North Carolina Department of Justice (NCDOJ) and has been implemented by other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

The premise is simple: move and get out of the way of danger. Maynard’s mission is to keep within the guidelines of each agencies’ standard operating procedures and exhaust all alternative methods of defense before resorting to the use of force. Given Maynard’s incredible talent, his understanding of how this happens in real-life situations is impressive.

Maynard’s program works in tandem with law enforcement’s internal training to achieve increased effectiveness in combative situations.  One of Maynard’s major goals is to help law enforcement improve their skill set.

In most situations, officers arrive on a scene with little to no information, yet with the expectation to perform perfectly when pandemonium ensues. Entering an ambiguous situation, unaware of the threats and dangers involved, is not for the faint of heart, and primal reactions take over. As Maynard explains, his training is a gross motor skills program. Usually, when an individual is under duress, all fine motor skills go away. At this point, an individual relies on innate responses which entail resorting to gross motor skills. These are the skills he works to refine.

John Maynard martial artist

Maynard demonstrates OSBD on a volunteer.

Maynard’s training has one intended outcome: for these officers to control a situation with the least amount of injury while protecting themselves, the victims, and even the assailants. It’s only in anticipating and practicing combative situations that an individual can react quickly and effectively when necessary.

As Brunswick County experiences a boom in population, with the expectation of substantial growth over the next few years, at the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office (“BCSO”) Sheriff John W. Ingram has been proactive in maintaining that public protection and officer safety. After learning about OSBD, Sheriff Ingram and Captain Sammy Turner approached Maynard about implementing his program with their office.

“Law enforcement officers need the proper fundamentals so that when they are confronted in a real-life conflict, and under duress, they can instinctually respond to the threat,” says Captain Turner. “Training helps keep officers better prepared to handle situations effectively, to better protect themselves and the public. OSBD emphasizes repetition and muscle memory.”

Now in their second year with the program, Captain Turner has surveyed hundreds of his BCSO co-workers who have engaged in Maynard’s OSBD training and has received nothing but positive feedback. He adds that they express gratitude to have someone of Maynard’s caliber to help them gain added confidence in critical situations. “They want more of it,” says Captain Turner.

Maynard feels his training program “creates cohesiveness, using the least amount of force.” His quintessential desire is to see all law enforcement officers get back to their families at the end of the day.

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