International Day of Peace

by Sep 20, 2019Brunswick County Life, Online Exclusives

What will you do to sow the seeds of peace on September 21?

September 21 is International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day, a global celebration of unity and strength. In 1981 the United Nations resolved to observe an International Day of Peace, and the first one was celebrated in 1982. It has since evolved into a celebration of individual, national and global betterment.

Supporters may light candles or plant gardens in honor of peace. Some suggest that celebrators apologize for a wrongdoing or go out of their way to help someone who has been unkind. Billions of supporters will observe a moment of silence at noon on September 21 in a show of support for peace.

Generally, the goal of Peace Day is to begin to build a foundation on which peace can begin, building unity and humanity even in the face of conflict.

Part of Peace Day is also to solve environmental issues, especially this year when the theme is Climate Action for Peace. Some ways you can further this mission are to educate yourself on climate change statistics, resolve to participate in movements you agree with and donate to relief effort charities and research centers.

2019’s Climate Action for Peace movement hopes to spark passion and concern for our planet. Celebrate 2019 Peace Day to show your support for climate change relief and togetherness.