Home Reinvention

by May 11, 2020North Brunswick

Rochelle Grass of Dwelling Place Interiors helps homeowners transform their homes into places where they love to be.

Stuck at home for such an unprecedented amount of time, it stands to reason that you might have considered doing some remodeling or even redecorating. They say that home is where the heart is, so it would make sense to take advantage of this “opportunity” to make your home somewhere you love to live. Especially after having to stare at the same walls for days and weeks and months at a time, you may have decided it was time for a change but you really weren’t sure how to even begin! It was with this thought in mind that I decided to talk with Rochelle Grass of Dwelling Place Interiors.

Originally from Greenville, South Carolina, where she started her interior decorating business in 2005, Grass moved to Leland and started her office here in 2017. Well, I say office, but actually her office is in her clients’ homes. Being unfamiliar with interior decorating, I asked her to explain to me how the process works.


“I first connect with a client on a no-cost discovery phone or zoom call where we get to know each other and discuss the project,” she says. “At the end of this call, we will schedule our initial consultation, which typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes. During the first consultation, the scope of the project is determined and a quote of time is given to make a ‘design map’ for your space. This plan keeps customers on track to be able to reach their desired result whether it is all at once or over time if there are budgetary constraints.”

Once an agreement is reached on the plan, Grass is able to acquire home improvement and decor products that are only sold “to the trade.”

“Often these products are better quality for a better price and include installation in the purchase,” she explains. Her philosophy is to “create a home where you love your people well. It’s not about gathering stuff but about creating and organizing a home of beauty as a safe haven for your family.”

Dwelling Place Interiors also does new construction interior design and home staging, including window coverings, furnishings and finishes.

When asked what she loves the most about her job, Grass says, “Having flexible hours is amazing. Being able to see a home decor or improvement process come to fruition from start to finish and seeing the joy it brings my clients is hard to describe. I tell my clients, ‘Let’s take your home space and go from all right to “WOW!’”


As with most businesses, COVID-19 has changed the way Grass operates for the time being. Now she does e-design whereby she can see each room on a Zoom call and have products delivered to clients’ front porch.

In an effort to give back to the community, Grass has done several design classes at places like Brunswick Forest, Sandalwood Shoppes and Infinity Cabinet Showroom and has posted them online for free. She is now also doing Zoom classes for free and posting these videos after the fact.

The beauty of having a professional like Rochelle to help you through the process is that she takes all the guesswork out of design for you and can make a plan for you that fits your budget perfectly. I asked her for her thoughts on how we can benefit from the current situation.

“I think COVID-19 has given us the gift of time to reflect on what is important in life,” she says. “It has slowed us down to be with our families. In our homes, it has shown us what is working and what isn’t in the form and function of our spaces. I’m hopeful that we will emerge from COVID-19 with a stronger sense of community and family — valuing together the beauty of the home.”

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