Holiday Decorating Made Easy

by Nov 17, 2021Nonprofits, Online Exclusives

Christian Recovery Centers, Inc.’s Holiday Decorating Service helps with everything from buying and setting up trees to stringing lights on the house.

Decorating for the holidays can be one of the most enjoyable activities of the season — unless it’s considered a strenuous necessity. Toting boxes from their storage places and assembling an artificial tree can be arduous. Choosing a live tree? The chore can take hours and even days. Climbing ladders and stretching to string lights across the roof’s outline can be dangerous.

This is where Christian Recovery Centers, Inc. (CRCI) steps in. The nonprofit agency offers a service to help residents and businesses in Brunswick, Columbus and Horry counties decorate for the season.

CRCI is a faith-based nonprofit organization that assists at no charge those suffering from substance abuse. It has a women’s residential facility in Columbus County and in January 2022 will open a residential facility in Calabash that is solely for women. It already has two facilities in Ash for men.

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Whether the request is to hang lights on the front of a house, condo, apartment or business or to string lights across the evergreens, the crew of three will do the job. If someone wants a live tree but doesn’t have the time to search for one, the crew will shop for the perfect live tree the customer requested.  

Decorating inside the home is also a service CRCI provides.

The team will cart the artificial tree and the assorted boxes of decorations from where they are stored, assemble the artificial tree if necessary, wind the lights around the branches, attach the ornaments and add the angel or star to the top of the array. They will hang wreaths on doors, place candles around the room and put other special Christmas decorations where the owner wants them.

Kaci Torbich, brand manager for CRCI in Ash, says the idea to help decorate for the holidays surfaced in the 2020 Christmas season. Since the landscaping crew has limited requests for their services at the end of the year, putting up decorations is a way for them to keep busy as well as help others.

“We can use the customer’s decorations or buy decorations at [local stores],” Torbich says. “People tell us what they want, and we set it up. Anything the customer wants, and we are able to do, we will do it.”

After the holidays, the crew will take down the decorations when the customer wants them removed. The dates and times depend on the customer’s timetable.

Need help with holiday decorations?
Christian Recovery Centers, Inc. Holiday Decorating Service
(910) 664-6183
Cost of the service is $100 per hour. To register, go to On its homepage is a box with information. Click on “Book Now!” at the bottom of the box, and a registration form appears.

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