Helping One of Our Helpers

Jun 17, 2019North Brunswick


Aaron Hyatt, owner of PT’s Olde Fashioned Grille and a generous member of the Brunswick community, needs help rebuilding after a fire burned his home. 

When it comes to giving back to the community, there are a few people who come right to my mind. One of those people is Aaron Hyatt.

I’ve known Aaron for about 10 years and can remember when he opened PT’s Olde Fashioned Grille at Magnolia Greens. When I met with him the first time, I could immediately tell that he genuinely cared about the community and making it a better place. One of our first conversations was regarding fundraisers and how he helped out with various organizations in Brunswick County. He explained to me how on certain nights he donates a percentage of sales to various nonprofits. I thought it was awesome that he jumped right in to help the community. 

He’s helped in other ways too. Most recently he spearheaded a fundraising effort between multiple local restaurants to donate sales percentages to Madison Williams, a young girl battling cancer. And he can always be counted on to help at his daughter’s school, Belville Elementary.

Unfortunately, Aaron was hit with a big tragedy on May 26. His house burnt to the ground from an electrical mishap, and he and his daughter, Meadow, lost everything, including all of their pets.

Aaron is someone who gives so often and genuinely cares so much. Let’s all join together in helping out a longstanding neighbor. Click this link to an article that WWAY wrote right after the fire, and this link to a gofundme page and comments inserted below from members of our community.