Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop

by May 23, 2019Brunswick County Life

This new business in Southport shows you how to become an artist — at least for a day.

If you have always wanted to be an artist (and who hasn’t?), Southport’s newest business is for you. Michele Kurelich’s Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop, which opened on April 18, is where you can turn an ordinary piece of wood into a beautiful mantel decoration, porch sign or plaque for a wall.

Hammer & Stain DIY Workshops began in 2016, and they have already licensed close to 50 stores throughout the United States, five of them in North Carolina.

You simply sign up for one of their open workshops, or get six to eight friends and arrange for your own private party. You can bring a bottle of wine and snacks to enjoy while you are being creative. Kathy Francisco, a very knowledgeable and patient instructor, helps everyone all along the way.

First you pick out the size and shape of the board you want to work on. There are squares, rectangles and various shaped designs to choose from. I visited the shop right before Easter, so their Easter bunny design was a favorite for many of their customers. Next, you choose a stencil with the desired design. An unimaginable 5,000 designs are available, but Kurelich and Francisco will narrow it down to a reasonable selection for you. Then you choose your color scheme. And there are plenty of paint choices for both the wood block and the stencil colors.

You paint the block of wood first. After only a few minutes, but enough time to pour another glass of wine, you apply the stencil you chose. Next you paint over the stencil, give it a chance to dry, and then very slowly and carefully peel it away, revealing a perfectly placed design on your wood block and a finished work of art ready to be put on your porch or mounted on your wall.

Kurelich realizes that many crafters will want to give these as gifts, so she also carries items that you might want to combine with your gift. She has a nice assortment of small purses, jewelry, bath soaps and other fun specialty items.

The day I visited, a very excited Cash Hood, age 10, came in. He settled on a 5×5-inch block of wood and painted the background gray. Then he applied the stencil of a turtle and chose a very turtle-like green color, which perfectly complemented the gray background. After signing and dating his completed project on the back, he proudly held it up and said he intends to hang it in his bedroom. And he was very excited when his mother said he could come back. She was already mentally planning a private party for several of her friends.

When I asked Kurelich how she got into this business, she said, “I wanted to start a business in Southport so I called the Southport/Oak Island Chamber of Commerce and asked them what the community needed. Karen Sphar, executive vice president, said, “We need more activities for children.” If Cash’s reaction is any indication, the Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop perfectly fills that need.

Love to DIY?
Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop
108 W. Owens Street, Unit 1, Southport
(910) 477-3201

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