Get on Tropic Time

by Jun 25, 2021Food & Drink, North Brunswick, Restaurants

Tropical Smoothie locations in Belville, Porters Neck and Midtown Wilmington are your key to cooling off, satisfying hunger and staying healthy.

It is another sweltering day here in the beautiful Carolinas, and you are out there driving, contending with stoplights, hotter than a metal slide at the park. Completely famished, you’re searching high and low for some nourishment, something quick, you think, I have things to do and people to see, bridges to compete with, I need to get out there and enjoy the summer!

Just like oasis in the desert, you see a sign on the road, watermelon mojito smoothie straight ahead. Do your eyes deceive you or are wraps, salads, quesadillas and smoothie choices in your future?

Yes, it is true, all this is available to you at three convenient locations of Tropical Smoothie Café. Currently serving Belville, Porters Neck and Midtown Wilmington, this growing and in-demand business is looking forward to being able to expand to more locations soon.

Tropical Smoothie Time Leland NC

More than just food on the go, Tropical Smoothie Café has its own innovative kitchen and crafts custom-built food options and beverages with a tropical twist. This lifestyle brand challenges your everyday casual dining experience, offering locally sourced vegetables from Chadburn, North Carolina, a handcrafted menu and premium sides.

Whether you are a health nut in for your daily scoop of probiotics or are just looking for some no fuss, delicious food such as a jerk chicken quesadilla, this place has it all. The cafe offers many options for pickup, such as their smart app to pre-order, curbside pickup, grab-and-go items and catering for your next community or work event.

Although this is a national chain, did you know that the owners of these feel-good franchises are our neighbors? This charming family of four lives right here in Leland.

Brandon and his wife, Deena, natives of New York, began their trips south to visit their in-laws. Seeing Tropical Smoothie Café gain notoriety, they decided to bring paradise to, well, paradise. They began the hard but rewarding journey of moving from corporate media jobs to becoming business owners. With a blueprint for success and a brand whose moto is “When you eat better you feel better,” they were motivated and ready!

These two high school sweethearts not only have a business to be proud of, but also two children, a son and a daughter. Brandon smiles as he speaks about his son, Ryan, taking first place in his 9 to 11 age group in the Junior Tour hosted by Under Armour for golfing. The finals in July will be held at Disney and broadcasted on television.

Sounds like Ryan is truly motivated and putting his best foot forward in what he loves, just like his parents.

Leland NC Tropical Smoothie

The family is proud to give back to their community. They support many diverse causes, including but not limited to American Heart Association, frontline workers, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Take Back the Night, Real Men Wear Pink, the Carolina Bengals and many more. Brandon and Deena make time to be there and give back, whether it’s providing smoothies to the runners of a 5K for Alzheimer’s awareness or providing 2,000 free smoothies to nurses and paramedics.

Unfortunately, Tropical Smoothie was affected by the pandemic, just like other family-owned restaurants. But they want you to know they are open for business and always have been! This is a popular spot among the locals and brings people together with their bright colors, clean appearance and just some good old hospitality.

Tropical Smoothie has some awesome new menu items, such as the mocktail smoothies offered through the summer. They also offer a variation of green and balanced options like Acai Berry Boost, a fan favorite, and the Detox Island green smoothie.

If you are looking to satisfy your hunger, check out their awesome new quesadilla line, with BBQ chicken, BLT and jerk chicken available. If you are looking for something on the lighter side, they have a range of wraps, salads and bowls. Plus, they have new sides like roasted jalapeno corn and kale and apple slaw. Be sure to stop in soon to try your new favorite!

If you are looking for an opportunity for employment, they are inquiring help for all positions. Just visit to order or apply!

Remember, next time you are on your way to the beach, to school, to work or just driving down that old highway again, Tropical Smoothie Cafes is your destination for flavor at any time and any place.

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Tropical Smoothie
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