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Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital celebrates 10 years of serving northern Brunswick County.

On February 14, 2011, the doors to Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital (BFVH) opened for the first time. Drs. Patrick Terry and Richard Zielinski, long-time friends and colleagues, excitedly welcomed the first of many patients to their new veterinary facility.

Having lived and worked in the Triangle area for a number of years, the business partners decided they wanted to establish their new business along the N.C. coast.

“Wilmington/Leland seemed like a logical location,” Dr. Zielinski recalls, “so as soon as I saw the Brunswick Forest development sign, I called Patrick on the phone and said, ‘I know where we need to go!’ We presented a business plan to the developers a few months later.”

Despite opening within one of the fastest-growing counties in the country, the duo initially experienced slower patient growth than they anticipated.
“The economy unexpectedly slowed down shortly after we opened and, along with it, Brunswick Forest construction. Our physical location was a hindrance to recognition,” explains Dr. Zielinski.

Brunswick Forest Vet 10 Year Anniversary

Now a decade later, growth has returned and shows no signs of flagging. In fact, BFVH anticipates the need to hire more veterinarians in the near future to help keep up with the demand.

Exemplary Service
The staff members at BFVH pride themselves on their focus on client communication and superior education as well as offering 30-minute appointments for each and every patient. In addition, their high level of veterinary care has resulted in them being named an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) certified facility. This designation is earned by only about 10 percent of veterinary hospitals across the country.

This achievement is due not only to the knowledge and expertise of Drs. Terry and Zielinski, but also to the dedicated support staff and veterinary technicians who provide superior care, treating each and every patient as if they were their own.

Emily Lennon, a registered veterinary technician with BFVH for 8.5 years, adds that minimal staff turnover is another contributing factor to the facility’s success.

“I’ve worked in many hospitals over my 22-year career, and I’m incredibly proud of the longevity of our staff here,” Lennon says. “It provides such a comfort to our clients and patients when their care is being provided by familiar faces.”

Not Just for Dogs and Cats
When you spend a few minutes perusing their website, you quickly discover that BFVH is happy to treat a host of domesticated household pets ranging from traditional dogs and cats to birds, lizards and monkeys.

“One of the biggest changes I’ve witnessed over my years at BFVH has been the growing enthusiasm and popularization of exotic pets,” says Lennon. “As veterinary medicine continues to broaden with ever-changing technologies, our level of patient care further improves, and our furry, feathered and scaled babies become more and more mainstreamed.”

Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital

Medical Management for Injured and Aging Animals
According to, pets are living longer than ever before. The site explains that “in the past, animals were considered pets — now, 95% of people consider them to be family.”

Indeed, BFVH treats all of their patients as extended family members and offers quality care for every age and stage of their lives.

Just as people often need rehabilitation, pets do, too. That’s why Drs. Terry and Zielinski are proud to welcome Boomerang Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC), a separate business venture that will be leasing space from the hospital.

Operated by Ariana Smith, a BFVH registered veterinary technician licensed in veterinary rehabilitation, BARC will provide extended and continued care to animals referred from veterinarians throughout southeastern North Carolina. “The facility will incorporate a water treadmill and laser therapy as part of the designed treatment plan,” Dr. Zielinski explains.

Lennon anticipates additional preventive and maintenance advances at BFVH as well.

“I look forward to potentially providing our patients with Chinese herbal therapies/holistic alternatives, assisting with new surgical approaches and observing the growth and success of the rehabilitative services within BARC,” she says.

What to Know Before You Go
BFVH is happy to accept new patients and will work hard to schedule appointments in a timely manner.

Please note that COVID protocols remain in place, as detailed on their website. “We continue to monitor and will follow recommended CDC guidelines for the safety of our staff and clientele,” Dr. Zielinski explains.

Want to go?
Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital
1513 Brunswick Village Boulevard, Leland
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