Family Fun at the Museum

by Sep 7, 2023Education, South Brunswick

Education Manager Jamie Justice has a ton of fun planned for The Museum of Coastal Carolina this September.

The Museum of Coastal Carolina presents its September Family Program schedule, providing fun and educational content that will inspire curiosity for visitors of all ages.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 am – Touch Tank feeding: Gently touch sea stars, urchins, anemones, whelks, horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs; watch trained volunteers feed the animals; and learn more about the sea creatures that call the museum home.

Thursdays at 11 am – Sea Tales: Listen to captivating stories starring animals or exhibits displayed at the museum and complete interactive crafts or science activities based on each story:

o September 7 – Plucky the Lucky Pelican: Plucky, a real-life pelican who was tangled in fishing wire and nearly strangled, was found at the Audubon bird refuge on Battery Island in the Cape Fear River channel near Southport. Hear the rest of Plucky’s story and learn how to keep coastal animals safe through interactive and imaginative animal “rescue” activities.

o Sept 14 – Charlie the Caterpillar: Charlie asks to join several groups of animals playing together and having fun, but he’s told he’s not welcome because he’s ugly. Listen to this heartwarming and transformational story about the meaning of true friendship, learn about butterflies and moths in North Carolina, and complete a fun butterfly craft.

o Sept 21 – The Snorkel Bunnies: A Sea Turtle Adventure: With help from magical creatures called “Snorkel Bunnies,” learn how to preserve and protect our seas, waterways and endangered sea turtles; and complete a fun sea turtle craft.

o Sept 28 – Otter on His Own: The Story of a Sea Otter: Follow a sea otter pup’s riveting journey from a protected cave off the California coast with his mother to the dangers of the Pacific Ocean after learning to hunt for food and care for himself, then complete an otterly adorable craft.

Otter Love

Saturdays at 11 am – Coastal Connections: Learn about local animal species and their habitats along the Carolina coast through fun and interactive presentations and activities:

o Sept 9 – Green Swamp: Use your detective skills to investigate and solve a mysterious “crime” in the Green Swamp, while exploring an area teeming with wildlife.

o Sept 16 – Butterflies and Moths: Did you know that North Carolina is a stopover point for migrating monarch butterflies? Discover the butterflies and moths found in North Carolina through interactive, self-guided museum stations.

o Sept 23 – Box Turtles: Explore fun facts about the Eastern Box Turtle, the state reptile of North Carolina, meet a live one in residence at the museum, and complete a fun turtle craft.

o Sept 30 – Otters: If you don’t know the difference between a river otter and a sea otter, you will after this fun and interactive program. You’ll learn about their favorite foods, including sea urchins, and complete a fun otter craft.

Sea Turtle Snorkeling

Museum of Coastal Carolina and Ingram Planetarium Education Manager Jamie Justice schedules and facilitates the September Family Programs. Justice received her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Bowling Green State University and her Master of Science in Environmental Science with concentrations in Marine and Coastal Education and Coastal Management from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

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