Expanding Its Mission

by Mar 19, 2024Online Exclusives, South Brunswick

Christian Recovery Centers Inc. will host a grand-opening celebration for its new facility in Shallotte on March 23.

Josh Torbich, Dwayne Richardson and Taylor Murphy, staff members at Christian Recovery Centers Inc. (CRCI), understand the problems of the people entering one of their facilities because they too have experienced the shame and humiliation that comes with addiction.

“Always sober,” says Torbich, executive director of the recovery program. “We don’t have a firm stance against drinking. It’s just that personally, we can’t drink.”

CRCI is a free faith-based residential program that includes men and women who have an addiction to illegal drugs, medications and/or alcohol. Its mission is to provide education and spiritual guidance to overcome addiction and live a successful life. Torbich and Richardson, a front desk agent, graduated from the program. Murphy, development manager, says, “I came to CRCI as an outside hire, not actually going through the program myself, but I came from battling alcohol addiction and have two-plus years of sobriety.” They and the rest of the staff are now preparing for the March 23 grand opening of the newest facility in Shallotte, the fourth that CRCI operates.

Taylor Murphy Shallotte

Why do they need a fourth location?

“It’s for the people who need it,” Torbich says. “I always say it’s a shame that we had to do more, but it’s great that God trusted us enough to do it.”

The first facility opened in 2010 in Ash and accommodated 14 men. As soon as a bed became available, someone was ready to take it, Torbich says. The Ray House in Ash, established in 2020 for men, is repurposed was repurposed as nonresidential center for women ready to re-enter the working world. Rose House in Calabash opened in November 2022 and is a residential home that accommodates 30 women. The Shallotte facility has 102 beds for men. As of March 1, 87 men reside there.

It includes a barber shop, laundry, commercial kitchen, chapel and gym in addition to administrative offices.

Tarrin Blanchette Kitchen

“We incorporate the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in our program,” Murphy says.

“We are a residential program offering comprehensive care services along with our recovery program,” Torbich adds. Although CRCI is similar to other programs, he says, “We pick from a lot of different orchards, but we make our own applesauce. It’s unique to find a faith-based 12-step model that offers clinical services and comprehensive care.”

The residents receive everything needed to live a normal life, from toothpaste and hair-care products to dental and medical care.

Maurice Johnson Gym

CRCI offers four phases to its program that can last up to two years. Richardson explains that the Motivational Track is Step 1 and lasts from two to four weeks.  “It’s meant to help residents adjust to a routine,” he says.

They wake at a set time, attend classes, “and get used to being here.”

When they are ready for Phase 1, they accept more responsibility, such as helping with laundry, cooking or other necessary duties in running a home. This phase lasts about six weeks. “If a person is struggling, he or she gets help from a phase manager,” he says. “The individual decides to move forward.”

“It is an application process,” Murphy says. The phase manager gives residents an application form when they request one and believe they are ready to enter Phase 2. The same applies with Phase 3 and Phase 4, which is the re-entry program. This phase helps people transition to living outside the facility. They can choose to seek employment within the organization or through the multiple workforce programs they offer. These include the cleaning service, landscaping service and thrift store.

Adam Sanchez Gym

The CRCI thrift store opened in Shallotte in January 2023 and offers many items from housewares and home décor to clothing for all ages.

As the staff prepares for the grand opening at its headquarters in Shallotte, the amount of satisfaction at having refurbished the 20,000-square-foot former Shallotte Assisted Living building is palpable.

Residents scurry to complete tasks, finish repairs and generally congregate. The event, which begins at 10 am on March 23, will have activities and food for the entire family.

Want to go?
CRCI Shallotte Campus Grand Opening
Saturday, March 23, 10 am
520 Mulberry Street, Shallotte
(910) 287-4357