Exercise Your Right to Work Out at Home

by Apr 13, 2020North Brunswick, Online Exclusives, People

Use this time to get or stay in shape with Willie Davis of 3Dimensional Fitness Leland.

When personal trainer Willie Davis of Leland heard the news that the COVID-19 pandemic would require him to temporarily close his 3Dimensional Fitness gym, his first thought was how he could possibly continue to serve his clients after the lockdown.


While working as a coffee rep for 10 years, Davis began lifting weights as a hobby. When friends and peers noticed him gaining muscle size, they asked him if they could work out with him. It didn’t take long for Davis to realize that he could make a living training people how to work out. In 2015 he gained certification as a personal trainer, left his coffee job and started a gym in the garage of his house.

As he acquired more equipment and clientele, Davis’s business outgrew his garage. Encouraged by the feedback he received from some of his Facebook posts, he decided to open his own gym. His business has grown by doing one-on-one training and group fitness training.

“We show you how to break the redundant workout routine that a lot of people get into,” Davis says. “Whether you are working on your core, looking to increase your endurance, build muscle or all three, we have a proven method for you to reach your goals.”

Enter coronavirus. As so many of us have experienced, the uncertainty of closing your doors to your customer base is unfathomable. But with so many people sheltering at home, and the need for exercise being crucial for physical and mental health, Davis saw an opportunity. He has started live virtual training with apps such as Zoom.


Thanks to technology, Davis’s clients can still get their sweat on as a group while practicing social distancing. Perhaps a whole new group of people will see how virtual workouts can be just as beneficial —- without having to leave the house!

As Davis likes to say, “There’s no limit to what you can do!”

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