Welcome 2024 with the Museum of Coastal Carolina’s January Family Programs.

The Museum of Coastal Carolina’s January Family Program schedule provides fun and educational programs that will inspire curiosity for visitors of all ages.

• Thursdays at 11 am – Sea Tales: Listen to stories starring animals or exhibits displayed at the museum and complete interactive crafts or science activities based on each story:

o January 11 – In Tagalong Turtle by Donna M. Ferguson, Tagalong Turtle has one goal: to reach the ocean. Follow the adventures she has on her journey and participate in a fun activity to learn how turtles race to the sea in real life.

Sea Turtle Classes MCC

o January 18 – Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan tells of an evening in the forest when Little Owl wakes up from his day-long sleep to watch his friends enjoying the night. Hedgehog sniffs for mushrooms, Skunk nibbles at berries, Frog croaks and Cricket sings. A full moon rises, and Little Owl can’t understand why anyone would want to miss it. After joining Little Owl on his adventures, complete a craft that looks like Little Owl.

o January 25 – Izzie Lizzie Alligator: A Tale of a Big Lizard by Suzanne Tate tells of a problem in the swamp where Izzie Lizzie lives and only some of her eggs have hatched. Discover why, with help from other humans, and make a fun alligator craft.

• Fridays at 11 am – Touch Tank Feeding With staff and trained volunteer assistance, gently touch sea stars, urchins, anemones, conchs, horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs; watch trained volunteers feed the animals; and learn more about the sea creatures that call the museum home.

• Saturdays at 11 am – Bewildering Biofacts Some may find the word “biofact” bewildering, but the museum promises clarity, enlightenment and fun that will inspire curiosity each week! Visitors will explore biological artifacts such as bones, fur, eggs and shells; learn what they reveal about area wildlife; and create biofact replicas to take home.

o January 13 – Sea Urchin Tests and Spines Did you know that sea urchins’ shells are called tests? Closely examine sea urchin tests and spines, learn where they got their name, explore how they grow and make sea urchins to take home.

o January 20 – Snakeskin As snakes grow, they shed their skin in one piece. Study snakeskin under a microscope, learn about local snakes and make snake ID guides for home use.

o January 27 – Dolphin and Whale Bones Dolphins and whales are both marine mammals, but do their bones look different? Compare dolphin and whale bones in this fun, interactive program that focuses on species found near Ocean Isle Beach.

dolphins and whales

Museum of Coastal Carolina and Ingram Planetarium Education Manager Jamie Justice schedules and facilitates all Family Programs. Justice received her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Bowling Green State University and her Master of Science in Environmental Science with concentrations in Marine and Coastal Education and Coastal Management from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

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