Donna Wilson: Making a Change

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With planning and persistence, Donna Wilson has made her health a top priority and achieved remarkable results.

Sometimes it takes someone else’s personal transformation story to get us motivated to start our own health and fitness journey. Donna Wilson is just the person to inspire hope and results for all of us.

In 2018 Donna decided to make herself a priority in her own life. In the past four years, she has taken her handicapped child in and out of the hospital nearly 50 times! Every time Donna had the chance to get back on track with her diet, her child was admitted again. Finally, she got his health issues resolved and could now focus on her own.

In December 2018 Donna took the first steps to get healthier. She weighed herself on the scales every morning and didn’t like the numbers she saw. To make some small changes, she started walking up and down the staircase at home every time a commercial would come on during a television show. She also started eating healthier, first trying the Paleo diet, then Adkins, and then finding success with the Keto diet.


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In March 2019 Donna joined Body Edge Fitness to kick her health journey into high gear. She tried the treadmill, but it caused her back to ache. She tried the bicycle, but it was too painful for her knees. Finally, she tried the elliptical trainer, and she was hooked. The weight started coming off. Then she started incorporating weights into her routine.

The biggest stumbling block for Donna is getting nursing coverage for her son so she can go to Body Edge every day. But she persists. She admits she hit a 12-week plateau this year, but battled through it and found motivation by keeping a fitness journal. She documents every aspect of her journey: what she eats, how her body responds the food, her weekly goals and whether she met them or not, and what she wants to accomplish in the weeks ahead.


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Like many of us who lead a stressful life, Donna turns to food for comfort. Her comfort food is ice cream every night. But as she’s the first to point out, you have to find healthy alternatives to your favorites. She’s found a Keto-friendly ice cream that has less than 4 carbs.

Donna says the best part of her journey is getting out of the house and finding workout buddies. She has two running mates who encourage her and they hold each other accountable. She has found support with the Body Edge staff and other members. But she also says it’s important to encourage yourself. Donna suggests that anyone having trouble getting started on their own fitness journey should first get organized. Find what motivates you, whether it’s music or a partner. Keep looking at the bigger picture but tackle small goals at a time.


Photo by Brent Gallant

Today, thanks to God, family and determination Donna has lost 100 pounds. She still has a ways to go to reach her goal weight, but she is now half way there. Congratulations, Donna!

Remember, what works for one person doesn’t always work for every person. If you need help getting started on your own personal health and wellness journey, give Body Edge Fitness a try. They are located at 6741 Beach Drive SW in Ocean Isle Beach, (910) 575-0975.

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