Contribution to Education

by Apr 11, 2022Education, North Brunswick

Rotary Club of South Brunswick Islands makes a generous gift to Brunswick Community College Foundation.

Brunswick Community College Foundation (BCCF) is excited to announce that the Rotary Club of South Brunswick Islands (SBI) has donated $2,500 to the Brunswick Community College Foundation to continue to grow their endowed scholarship. Not only is the $2,500 a generous gift, but also it takes SBI Rotary’s current endowment, the Joe Gore Scholarship Endowment, which is held at the college, over the $52,000 mark.

Brunswick Community College Foundation

SBI Rotary Club President Kathleen MacDonald says, “Rotary International has seven areas of focus including basic education and literacy. Several years ago, the South Brunswick Islands Rotary Club made the decision to primarily work with our local youth and education. We are so pleased to help assure that young adults can further their academic and vocational education locally. While our scholarship and other programs help specific individuals, we look forward to the ripple effect helping families, the community and perhaps the world!”

Dr. Gene Smith, BCC president, says the college is thankful for the continued support and generosity of the Rotary Club of South Brunswick Islands.

“Their persistent generosity will continue to help our students to achieve their educational goals,” Smith says.

BCC Scholarship Programs

The Rotary club has been a big supporter of the college for many years. In addition to student scholarship support, they have also assisted with campus clean-up and beautification and have attended BCCF fundraising events.

To learn more about scholarship support at Brunswick Community College, call Elizabeth Wassum, BCC Foundation executive director at (910) 755-6530.