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by Apr 19, 2021Nonprofits, South Brunswick

The Rotary Club of Shallotte has good news to share.

The Rotary Club of Shallotte has been busy with many projects and here is a brief recap.

First off, their Las Vegas Night Car Raffle was a complete success, and the club will celebrate with an in-person meeting on Thursday, March 25 at Mulberry Park in Shallotte.

Club members have been busy volunteering in the community and helping meet the needs of others. The club supported the local tornado victims in Brunswick County with a donation to the American Red Cross. There is still a great deal of work to be done in rebuilding after the tornado, so if you would like to volunteer call (910) 253-5383.

Shallotte Rotary Club NC

Shallotte Rotary presented a check to Union Elementary School to purchase mini cubicles for the Exceptional Children classroom. The club learned that children with autism spectrum disorder can struggle with something as simple as other students talking loudly or even an overly decorated classroom, making it difficult to learn in the classroom setting. With the ongoing pandemic the students need space and separation for their safety and health.

Shallotte Rotary is wrapping three grants:

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center (BCRC) – The club ordered 36 sets of sheets, 360 bath towels, 600 hand towels, and 600 wash cloths. A small group went to BCRC to hand out the linens to the residents and enjoyed visiting the center and meet the residents and staff. In wrapping up the grant, Shallotte Rotary also bought toiletries for the residents and will assemble the items in packets at the park on March 25 after the meeting.

Shallotte NC Rotary Club

Kindle Project – The club bought 20 Kindles last fall and programmed them with an app. The Kindles Project with Brunswick Senior Resources Center (BSRC) kicked off last Friday. Teresa Nelson coordinated the seniors at the center and Rotary led the training. To participate one must be a member of the BSRC and have an active Brunswick County library card. Rotary handed out five Kindles and showed recipients how to download books from the library. Once they check out a book, they have two weeks to read the book and turn it back in. The Kindles can be checked out through BSRC, and they can keep them for two months. Rotary will conduct another training on March 18.

Loads of Love Project – Shallotte Rotary finished up the Loads of Love project on March 6. On average they helped about 10 families with their laundry per Saturday.

The club has a new member – Howard Lepovetsky, with an induction coming soon. The club is also looking for new members.

For information on how to join, or any other information on the club, visit

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