Business Profile: UR Coastal Country Art

by May 7, 2024Art & Culture, Southport Oak Island

JT Mariotte and her husband own Intercoastal Home Improvement Services but she has always had a dream of being an artists.

It is never too late to follow your dreams, and JT Mariotte knows this better than anyone.

She and her husband own Intercoastal Home Improvement Services, a business that keeps them both very busy. But JT had a dream, and in the spring of 2023, at age 55, she decided she would pursue it.

“I have always loved to paint for friends and family,” JT says, adding that she dreamt of painting more often, sharing her creativity with a wider circle. “Then I thought, ‘If not now, then when? So I bought an old motorcycle trailer and transformed it into a mobile art studio.”

UR Coastal Country

Now she has a side business called UR Coastal Country Art, and she paints murals, furniture or anything anybody wants to bring to life through art. She has painted two beautiful murals on the exterior walls of The Grape & Ale on Oak Island, and at this writing she had already booked three more custom murals, one for a local business and two for private homeowners.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the ideas I have come to life,” JT says.

Armed with her music and her trailer full of paint, JT is a one-woman show. “Have paint, will travel,” she says with a laugh.

JT’s creative streak is inspired by music. One of her colorful murals at The Grape & Ale features flowers and waves, with a centerpiece peony.

“They say a peony in full bloom symbolizes the happiness of friendship, romance and good fortune,” JT says. “So what better flower to be the centerpiece?”

Mural Artist JT-Mariotte

The mural is titled “King Tides,” inspired by the 2022 reggae jam “The Cool Place” by King Tide, specifically the song’s lyrics, “ I found happiness watching the waves break – in that cool place where the sun keeps shining…”

The mural on the back of Grape & Ale is called “Where the Wildflower Grows.” It was inspired by “Wildflowers” performed by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt.

“My mission is to inspire and capture the best of the world around us,” JT says. “I want to remind everyone who sees my work to take a moment to smile – one paintbrush, one vibrant color and one painting at a time.”

JT uses the motto UR Latitude and UR Attitude for UR Coastal Country Art. She says it reflects her whimsical outlook on art and her deep love for Oak Island.

UR Coastal Country JT-Mariotte

“What’s not to love?” she asks. “We are blessed with an incredible music scene, beautiful beaches, friendly neighbors and some of the best restaurants in North Carolina.”

In their home-improvement business and UR Coastal Country Art, JT and her husband are proud supporters of military personnel, veterans and first responders, America’s heroes. They do different fundraisers throughout the year, and the one closest to JT’s heart is Be The One NC for suicide awareness and prevention among the military, first responders and law enforcement.

To learn more about JT and see her work, go to her website.

UR Coastal Country Art
3966 Old Bridge Road SE, Oak Island
(919) 520-5963

Photography by Katie D.