Business Profile: Turf Medic Lawn & Landscape

by May 1, 2023Business, North Brunswick

The Caracciolos of Turf Medic Lawn & Landscape love doing business in the communities of southeastern North Carolina.

Is your lawn in need of some love? Lawn-care business Turf Medic Lawn & Landscape has been serving its loyal clientele of the Leland and Wilmington communities for more than 15 years with myriad landscaping and treatment services.

However, as the lawn service business has evolved in the treatment realm (think effective techniques for fertilization, disease control and pest control) and the Turf Medic business has grown, owners Steve and Danielle Caracciolo found that they would rather focus on quality than quantity. As a result, last November they sent out an email announcing the news that they were pivoting their business model to be exclusively centered on treatment services and eliminating their maintenance and landscaping offerings starting in 2023.

“We’ve had the plan to switch it up for a couple years, but last year was the right year to do it,” Steve says. “The business wants to grow and it has kind of been held back because of labor shortages.”
The business still offers a slew of services under the lawn-treatment umbrella. They offer lawn care, tree and shrub care as well as aeration and topdressing needs.

Essentially, the business’ services are now streamlined, yet still shape up your space for success — from surface-level aesthetics to the overall health of your living lawn.

The Turf Medic Lawn & Landscape team implements a roots-deep level of care, and its approach communicates care and quality. “We believe that something so deeply rooted in personal meaning deserves unparalleled focus, insight, care and accountability,” Steve says. “We’ve grown a business on delivering exceptional outcomes.”

Turf Medic Leland NC

The Caracciolos love doing business in the communities of southeastern North Carolina.

“We have a very loyal customer base, and it’s a great area to work in,” Steve says. “Everybody supports local business here.”

They also love living here and working together. When the Caracciolos are not hard at work keeping the lawns of the Leland and Wilmington clean and pristine, they are out and about with their two sons and their two French bulldogs and rescue pup. They like to play sports, camp, spend time outdoors and head to local restaurants for seafood and sushi.

“Danielle and I have been together for 27 years and married for 22 years,” Steve says. “We have always seemed to work best together, and we have worked together for about 20 years.”

Looking ahead, the Caracciolos are focused on continuing to provide quality service to their clientele and to keeping the local lawns healthy and green. And they seek to look beyond the lawns and foster friendships with their clientele while they are at it.

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