Business Profile: The Southern Charm Co.

by Aug 15, 2019South Brunswick

Business Profile: The Southern Charm Co.

Lisa Varnum has a natural eye for home decor and style.

“I have always enjoyed decorating and wearing the latest fashions and accessories,” says the Brunswick County native. “So when the opportunity came along to start my own business, a lifelong dream blossomed into something quite special.”

Lisa opened The Southern Charm Co. a little more than three years ago in a charming 1949 house in the heart of downtown Shallotte. She restores and repurposes old items from a shed on the property into unique displays for the goods she sells in the store — clothing and accessories, home decor, gifts and, the most recent addition, baby items for all the precious little ones.

Lisa’s daughter, Blair, and long-time customer, Patty, each bring something special to the floor as employees at The Southern Charm Co. Together the team provides the best for their customers — affordable, stylish and optimal merchandise to accommodate every need, along with the friendly service that customers love.

“We create trust with one another, therefore allowing our customers to put full trust in us,” Lisa says. “Our customers are more like friends or family, and they enjoy shopping with us because we offer affordable, unique and charming products.”

The Southern Charm Co. gives back to the community through supporting the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce and making donations to schools, outreach programs and fundraising clubs. They even host fun fashion shows and different shopping nights in which proceeds go to various charitable organizations.

“You’re Amazing … Come Shop With Us” is Lisa’s motto because she believes that all people are amazing and that it feels incredible to have something new and fresh to make them feel good.

The Southern Charm Co.
110 Shallotte Avenue, Shallotte
(910) 754-4141


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