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Bob Lank and one of his sons, Brian, have launched Seacoast Building here in Brunswick County.

There’s a saying among many who have permanently left the Garden State: “New Jersey is a great place — to be from.”

Those of us who have made that move understand the sentiment perfectly, because the New Jersey of the past 10 years has had its problems — and still does. But there is also something to be said for the mindset that once grew in the Garden State, and Bob Lank has it.

Straight-shooter. Look you in the eye and lay it on the line. Do it right. Play fair. Stand behind your work. Your word is your bond. And if you say you’re going to do it, do it.

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These principles were inculcated into Lank by his WWII Marine dad, and Lank, in turn, made sure his own sons adhered to them.

That’s why Bob Lank and one of his sons, Brian, have launched Seacoast Building here in Brunswick County.

“My dad was always being sought for construction advice, and he enjoyed helping other people out,” Brian says. “So, I suggested we open up a business to do just that.” Brian, meanwhile, is already a popular and successful chiropractor in Shallotte and Leland.

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The elder Lank was in construction in Jersey and Pennsylvania for 48 years, and having his own electrical contracting company got him involved with and familiar with all of the other trades. Born in Montclair, New Jersey, he moved down from the Northeast 18 years ago, but his plan was not to sit on the dock of the Intracoastal and swig beers.

“I love to work,” Bob says. “I don’t want to retire.” He credits his Brian with being the impetus for launching Seacoast Building as a bona fide business.

“He’s the brains behind the plan; I’m just the nuts and bolts guy,” Bob says. Bob confides that the test to become an electrical contractor here in North Carolina is decidedly more difficult than the one in Jersey, but he’s licensed in both South Carolina and North Carolina.

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“In fact, when Brian was throwing this idea around, I challenged him to take the general contractor’s test,” Bob says. “I was sure it would take him a few tries, so I bet him a hundred bucks he couldn’t pass it. Long story short, I’m out a C-note.”

C-note is Jersey-speak for a $100 bill. And If you’re going to plunk down a whole batch of your own to custom-build a house, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. So does Bob Lank.

“We believe in building a great home for a fair price, and I’m not a guy who sits in his office while yours gets built,” Bob says while looking straight at me with piercing blue eyes. “I’m there every day to make sure it gets built right.”
There’s something to be said for that tell-it-like-it-is attitude.

You’d expect nothing less from a Jersey guy.

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1780-5 Queen Anne Street, Sunset Beach
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