Business Profile: MWM Properties, LLC

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Business Profile: MWM Properties, LLC

“We always want to leave a project or house flip and be proud enough to call it our own,” says Max McKinley, co-owner of Move with McKinley Properties, LLC. He and his sister, Liz McKinley, started their business after Max relocated from the U.S. Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma. Liz, who lives in Brunswick County, and Max stumbled into an opportunity to flip a house in Castle Hayne, and the rest is history for these “Property Siblings.”

Their core team is small and mostly family, but they have surrounded themselves with individuals who are instrumental to their success as a company. “It’s important for us to take care of our team as well as our customers,” Max says.

Max and Liz maintain very high standards and want their clients to be as happy as possible. “We are a unique offering in the area — a combination of licensed general contracting firm and licensed real estate brokers with Nest Realty in addition to being lead and mold certified.”

The lead and mold certifications served their customers well after the devastation of Hurricane Florence. Liz says, “Being licensed real estate brokers and general contractors truly helps us understand the full picture. On the selling side, we can help homeowners choose the right updates and repairs prior to listing, and we can help with the design side of staging and decorating to match the character of the home. On the buying side, we can help buyers visualize the potential of homes, and should they choose to do any renovations, we can help them with that as well. “ The McKinleys have handled minor and major remodels, additions, full-service home updates from design to completion, house flips, remodels for other house flippers and more. “To put it simply, we can do it all from start to finish,” Max says.

Move with McKinley Properties has been rapidly expanding over the last year, which has given them the opportunity to donate to local charities. Their proudest moment of giving back was to a woman they met while working on a home flip. A neighbor of the home, Glo, would bring them and their subcontractors delicious baked goods. Glo’s roof sustained significant damage in Hurricane Florence, and the McKinleys noticed that it still had not been repaired as Christmas neared. “We decided to use our resources to give Glo a new roof for Christmas!” Max says. “Needless to say, she was thrilled and we are thankful that we met such a wonderful lady.”

As contractors and real estate brokers, the Property Siblings pass many homes that need help and they are hoping that, moving forward, they can find those people who could use a little help but wouldn’t normally ask for it. Providing people with improvements that they otherwise may not have gotten to, as well as flipping homes, allows them to not only make homes more beautiful, valuable and functional, but also to refresh a community. “Every time we rehab a home, we have a new opportunity to make friends, hear about the home’s history and the neighborhood, and lend a helping hand,” Max says.

Wilmington is an awesome city that has so much to offer, and the Property Siblings are excited to be starting a development downtown; they will be starting the build out in the next few months so stay tuned!

Max & Liz McKinley / 310 N. Front Street, Suite, 4-12, Wilmington (910) 467-2056 /

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