Business Profile: Luxe Home Interiors

by Nov 11, 2019Brunswick County, Business

“We have a good time creating comfortable and beautiful rooms for our clients,” says Lynn Leake, owner of LUXE Home Interiors.

She describes her team as being passionate about design and bringing high energy and creativity to the work place, where ideas can flourish. “It’s a family run business,” Lynn says. Elizabeth, Lynn’s daughter, works closely with Lynn to manage the daily functions of the business as well as buying for the store while Sam, Lynn’s husband, handles the accounting and backend of the business. Their clients become their friends, and the fabric of their environment changes constantly with all the unique personalities.
LUXE Home Interiors started in 2007 as a Norwalk Furniture franchise in Mayfaire; however, they became an independent design store in 2009. They feature upholstered furniture made in North Carolina and Ohio, plus a wide array of accessories and art.

Realizing that many of their customers were coming from across the bridge after moving from northern areas, Leake decided to open a store in Waterford Shopping Village to be closer to the thriving new communities growing up around the Leland and Southport areas. “Eventually, we decided to put all of our eggs in the Waterford basket and closed the Mayfaire store,” Leake says. She goes on to say it was a great decision and that they have never looked back.

Leake and her team are involved with different charitable groups by giving items such as a sofa, artwork or accessories to fundraising auctions. They also have had events in the store to benefit various charities in the community. They believe it is important to give back to the community that has helped them build so much.

LUXE Home Interiors offers a complete design service for the living areas of your home. They present the quality and comfort that their clients expect, and their design choices are unlimited. Every effort is made to help their customers make a smooth transition to the Southern coastal home of their dreams.

“We get to meet people at such a good time in their lives,” Leake says. “They’ve left the hub-bub behind, and they are ready to start a new, more relaxed life.”

LUXE Home Interiors: 2013 Olde Regent Way, Suite 270, Leland
(910) 371-0464;