Business Profile: Joseph’s Italian Bistro

by Sep 18, 2020Food & Drink, South Brunswick

Sunsets, excellent dishes and great wine – that’s what you will find at Joseph’s Italian Bistro in Southport.

Joe and Deb Borsuk, owners of Joseph’s Italian Bistro in Southport, have a long history in the restaurant business, but their goal was always to own a small, intimate, Italian restaurant. This came to pass in September 2003 on the eve of Hurricane Isabella.

Joe’s mom, Rose, who worked alongside him for years when they first opened, shared many of her Italian-heritage recipes handed down from the old country. These plates form the backbone of their menu, which also includes specialties made with locally grown and harvested foods.

Clams Pasta Joseph's Bistro Southport NC

“We have been well known for not only our homemade lasagna and many other Italian dishes,” Joe says, “but also for our fresh fish that comes our local fishmonger, Haag & Sons, who provided us with our fish for the past 17 years, and for our local produce from, most recently, Ridgeway Farms.”

When asked to describe what the dining experience at Joseph’s is like, Deb says, “Good food. Good service. Good atmosphere. And a family vibe. Full-service, upscale dining in a comfortable setting with a beautiful view of the water and marina.”

When you dine at Josephs, you can feel the kindred spirit of the staff. “We are family,” Deb says. “We all care for one another and truly enjoy working together. There’s a great amount of respect for each other. I think it’s the love and respect we have for one another that makes it a fun environment to be in.”

Employees Joseph's Bistro Southport NC

The customers are part of the restaurant family as well.

“We really get to know our customers,” Deb says. “We have many who started coming the year we opened and still come to this day. We know them by their names. We know their families. We’ve watched their kids and grandkids grow. And it’s not just the locals. Every year we get families who vacation in the area coming back to see us. There’s a connection between us and all of our customers.”

Happy customers and happy staff are Deb’s recipe for a successful restaurant business. “Stay the course, and take care of your people,” she says. “They are a business’s greatest asset. You can have all the ingredients for a successful venture but at the end of the day, your staff is on the front lines making you look great every day. Treat them right and trust in them.”

Joseph's Bistro Sunset Southport NC

Whether you are sampling the antipasto, digging into an authentic Italian pasta dish, relishing a fresh-caught seafood plate or enjoying a chicken or veal Parmigiana, you cannot go wrong with anything on the Joseph’s menu.

Joseph’s offers indoor seating, including two private dining rooms that can be reserved for 8 to 12 guests should you want to have a party or celebration. For a party of this size, they will create a menu for you and pair it with wines to suit your palette. They also offer outdoor seating with a gorgeous view of the Intracoastal Waterway. Either way, enjoy it all while sipping on a choice from their extensive wine list.

The Borsuks and staff are looking forward to seeing you and making you a part of the family!

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5003 O’Quinn Boulevard, Southport
(910) 454-4440

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