Business Profile: Jennifer Gambino Woloshin, Coastal Integrative Health

by Oct 6, 2022Health, South Brunswick

Jennifer Gambino Woloshin with Coastal Integrative Health always knew she would work in the medical field but couldn’t quite pinpoint the exact path of medicine she wanted to concentrate on.

Originally from New Jersey, Woloshin earned a BS in biology from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey, but took a two-year pause to figure things out.

“I thought at first my focus in the medical field would be something in sports medicine, but I couldn’t really put my finger on it,” Woloshin says. “So, I kind of slowed it down and gave myself some time to think it over.”

That break pulled her in the direction of chiropractic medicine and National University at St. Petersburg College, Florida, where she received her doctorate in chiropractic medicine.

“When I looked into chiropractic medicine, it made more sense for me because you get to spend more time with your patients, not just see them once a year for a physical,” Woloshin says. “You get to get to know the patients a lot more personally.”


Jennifer Gambino Coastal Integrative

Woloshin, who joined Coastal Integrative Health in January of 2022, says she sees patients from as young as two weeks old into those in their twenties up into their seventies in the Shallotte area. As part of the staff’s annual continuing education requirements, she would like to learn more about pediatrics in chiropractic therapy.

In addition to chiropractic therapy, the team of doctors, therapists and staff at Coastal Integrative Health offer physical and massage therapy services in their two locations in Shallotte and Leland. They also provide their patients with alternative, natural healthcare through nutritional counseling and enhanced lifestyle education.

It’s their belief to openly work with the traditional medical community as well to seek the best possible health and results for their clients.

“I love not only the one-on-one work that we do, but also that the same issue or same diagnosis for each patient isn’t necessarily treated the same way,” Woloshin says. “It’s more based upon each person’s unique profile. And I think it’s a nice thing in our field that it’s not really monotonous. It always has you changing it up, and I get to work with many different people and just keep learning.”

When Woloshin is not giving the best quality care to her patients in her new role, she loves taking advantage of coastal Carolina living.

“I love anything that’s water-related,” she says. “You can take me to the ocean, a pool, a pond … anything with water, and I’m happy.”

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