Business Profile: Island Breeze

by Dec 11, 2018Business, South Brunswick

Business Profile: Island Breeze

High-end. Fashion-of-a-certain-age. Sophisticated. These are words that might have been used exclusively to describe one of the area’s most popular ladies’ clothing boutiques. But with a retail reset, Island Breeze is reinventing itself by adding new marketing and new labels that cater to every age group, while still retaining the sophisticated brands their loyal customers of have come to expect.

Island Breeze has added distinctive lines like London Times, Jams World and Pure, a line of casual weekend wear that caters to women of all ages. “We buy our unique products in a limited amount of each item so you aren’t likely to see anyone else in Brunswick County with the same thing,” explains Business Manager Elisa Gunther. There is also a focus on variety. Customers can find anything in Island Breeze from a beach cover up to shorts and a blouse to a bridesmaid dress. Merchandise also includes jewelry, shoes, accessories and gifts. Of course they haven’t discarded their heritage brands like Joseph Ribkoff and Brighton, to name a few.

Opened in April of 1985 by Clarice Holden and her husband, Ronnie, Island Breeze has grown from a 600-square-foot space to 7,200 square feet of retail wonderland. The size of the store has changed, but the original vision is still the same: offer unique, up-to-the-minute fashion and accessories with impeccable service. At 33 years in business, Island Breeze shows no signs of slowing down while staying true to its customer base.

Another thing that hasn’t changed, and what loyal customers have come to appreciate, is the personalized experience — during and after a visit to the shop. The staff sends every new customer a thank you card after their first purchase. “We are truly thankful for every customer,” Gunther says.

Gunther’s position as business manager is completely new. She manages everything from merchandising, buying and marketing to outside networking and, of course, interacting with customers. “Clarice has never had anybody in this position, so it’s a learning experience, and it’s all about taking chances,” Gunther says. “And, thankfully, Clarice embraces change. She’s the first to say, ‘Well, let’s try it.’”

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