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by Nov 16, 2023Fitness, North Brunswick, Partners

Brandon Cala founded Eternal Fitness in 2022, officially opening in January 2023.

Eternal (e∙ter∙nal) adjective. Lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning.

It’s a simple word that packs a punch, and a word that sums up how Brandon Cala, owner of Eternal Fitness, feels about the long-lasting effect of staying physically active.

Eternal Fitness is Leland’s newest fitness center. Located on Ploof Road, it offers group fitness classes, state-of-the-art equipment, childcare services and 24- hour access.

Cala founded Eternal Fitness in 2022, officially opening in January 2023. With a passion for staying fit and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a concentration in exercise physiology, he was working as a personal trainer when he saw an opportunity for a fitness center in Leland. He wanted to create a convenient space where residents of Leland and beyond could feel welcomed and reach their individual fitness goals.

“Our philosophy is that any individual, no matter their age, or where they’re at in their fitness journey, can obtain their personal health and fitness goals at our facility, whether it’s on their own, with a trainer or in a group class,” Cala says.

Cala adds that their work is exceptionally rewarding.

Leland NC Eternal Fitness

“Our biggest inspiration is the very clients and members that we have at the gym,” he says. “We see the positive impact it has on our members, and if we can get people to enjoy exercise, make connections and change their lives, it’s a really great feeling.”

Eternal Fitness offers gym memberships, one-week free trials, group fitness classes, personal training and nutrition counseling. They also have other perks like water refill stations, towel service and a private shower on the premises. Two of the services that set Eternal Fitness apart are childcare service and 24-hour access.

“Offering 24-hour access was important for me,” Cala says. “Life gets crazy, so for members to be able to work out on their time, after hours and at times when the gym is less crowded, that’s a plus for our clients,” Cala says. “And we are the only gym in Leland that offers childcare.”

The 5,000-square-foot facility houses traditional cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and StairMasters. It also has two non-motorized, free-run treadmills. “They create less impact on joints and provide higher resistance and a more natural walk, run or sprint,” Cala says.

Eternal Fitness has two-in-one machines for each body part with step-by-step instructions, including scannable videos, on how to use them. It has free weights up to 100 lbs., pre-weighted straight bar barbells from 20 to 110 lbs. and multiple benches and racks for barbell weightlifting, a leg press, a Smith Machine and a full cable system.

What Cala is most proud of is being the safest and cleanest gym in the area.

“All of our staff is trained in CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator),” he says. “We also have panic buttons on the walls. Everyone can feel safe and secure in our facility. Also, you’ll never see a machine out of order or broken for weeks at a time.”

Eternal Fitness is truly a one-stop-shop gym experience. Check out their website or visit in person to see how they can help you meet your health and fitness goals.

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