Business Profile: Cook Periodontics

by Jan 5, 2019North Brunswick

Business Profile: Cook Periodontics

Take the first step towards better periodontal health with Cook Periodontics. Dedicated to providing exceptional periodontal care to each of their patients, Cook Periodontics has offices in both Leland and Wilmington.

Here’s a hard fact to chew on: Bleeding gums is a sign of some form of gum disease and shouldn’t be ignored. A visit to a dentist every six months will help ensure small concerns do not become much larger concerns. Cook Periodontics provides the advanced treatment of gum disease, gum recession and dental implants. They focus on overall dental health and ensure quality care of each patient.

Cook Periodontics offers dental implants, which are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. They allow patients to regain the ability to smile with confidence and take pride in their appearance once again.

Cook Periodontics began in 1999 by Dr. Phyllis Cook, the mother of Dr. Deana Cook, who currently owns the practice. Deana attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for her undergraduate education in art history. After studying abroad in Italy, she began to appreciate the wonderful mix of art and science dentistry provides. She then began her dental education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, graduating with honors. In dental school, Deana was the recipient of the Grover C. Hunter award for excellence in clinical periodontology. She received her Certificate in Periodontics and her master’s degree in Biomedical Science from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Deana returned to her hometown of Wilmington after finishing her residency in San Antonio in 2012.

The practice has state-of-the-art dental technology including a 3D scanner, laser therapy and less invasive surgical options. Staff work hard to provide individualized, unique treatment plans that are tailored to patient’s needs. As part of this commitment, Deana is a LANAP certified clinician. LANAP, the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is the first and only FDA cleared laser procedure for the treatment of moderate to severe periodontal disease. Deana utilizes the LANAP treatment because it is minimally invasive, with most patients reporting little to no pain after the surgery.

Every member of the Cook Periodontics team takes pride in the personal relationships they have with their patients. Several of their patients have been with the practice since the beginning. They have even seen four generations in one family. “We love helping patient’s family and friends,” Deana says. “Our patients trust in our knowledge that oral health is of utmost importance. We are proud to help patients to be proud of their smiles.”

Patients rave about the kind, professional staff and amazing doctors and how the staff make patients feel at home and welcome. Cook’s Periodontics is also very involved in the local community. They have completed several food drives for N.C. Nourish and donated supplies to hurricane victims of hurricanes Matthew and Florence.

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