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by Apr 4, 2023Business, South Brunswick

Let Coastal Carolina Lighting, a professional landscape lighting company, add value to your home while also increasing curb appeal.

It’s time to get your backyard ready for summer entertaining.

Remember when the inside of your house was your living area, and the outside was just outside? Now, outdoor spaces are becoming more significant in our everyday lives, especially the backyard. For those who like to entertain friends and family, host off-the-clock business gatherings or celebrate with teammates, investing in backyard lighting is key to designing the perfect gathering space — and an opportunity to get creative.

Typically, when it comes to outdoor lighting in the front of a house, the purpose is to show off landscape features and add depth to some of the artistic characteristics of the home. But the focus for backyard lighting is different.

“Not only is our goal to increase a homeowner’s living space by adding backyard lighting, but backyard lighting allows for more creative freedom than the front,” says Jake Wilson, co-owner of Coastal Carolina Lighting. “It’s not only an extension of their house but also their personalities.”

Coastal Outdoor Lighting

With 14 years of business experience, Wilson and his wife and co-owner, Melissa, have the artistic eyes and expertise for reimagining what backyard lighting can do for a space at night.

“When fixtures and products are properly placed, which is the most important thing, you can bring out textures like tree bark or a stone wall or even the siding,” Wilson says. “We know how to give homeowners a good balance of shadows and lights that just creates a dramatic picture.”

String lights and high-end tiki torches are very effective for creating the perfect outdoor aesthetic, but one of the fastest-growing lighting trends is color-changing lights that really allow for personalizing a backyard space.

Homeowners can use an app on their smartphone to change colors anytime they want. It’s great for customizing outdoor themes. For example, hosts can change lights to red, white, and blue if they’re entertaining over the Fourth of July.

“It gives homeowners a little trick up their sleeve to offer something different for their guests,” Wilson says.

Every project that Wilson works on is unique. “I don’t have any houses that I’ve treated the same,” he says. “It’s exciting for us not to be repetitive, and customers know they won’t have the same design as their neighbor.”

Coastal Carolina Lighting can do live demonstrations with their portable light setup so homeowners can experience in real-time exactly what backyard lighting can do for them.

Outdoor Coastal Carolina Lighting

“If they want color-changing lights, they can play with the color settings on the app, create their own colors or choose pre-programmed colors,” Wilson says. “It’s a way for them to see the dramatic change before they decide to work with us.”

Wilson feels that homeowners should look at outdoor lighting as an investment in their home.

If you buy a quality system, with proper maintenance it should last 10-plus years. An outdoor lighting system also adds both curb appeal and value to your home, which helps when it comes to resale.

Wilson’s key point of advice is to work with a contractor who has a license with the N.C. Landscapers Contracting Board. That way, it guarantees that the state has oversight of the work and carries a bond to protect the consumer.

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