Business Profile: Coastal Carolina Lighting Company

by Nov 9, 2022Business, South Brunswick

Service and satisfaction are signature qualities of Coastal Carolina Lighting Company in Ocean Isle Beach.

Owners Jacob “Jake” Wilson and Melissa Wilson provide permanent outdoor lighting systems for residential and commercial properties in Brunswick, New Hanover and Horry counties and guarantee their work.

“We believe there is a right way to install lights, and we install them properly,” Jake says. “We design a system customized for your house or business that is built to last. Our customers come first, and we take pride in being reliable.”

The company holds both a corporate license and an individual license with the North Carolina Landscape Contractors’ Licensing Board and the necessary insurance and warranties.

When a client requests a presentation, Coastal Carolina Lighting brings its portable equipment and offers a nighttime demonstration of its products to give the customer an idea of how the lighting accentuates their home or business.

Outdoor Lighting Coastal Carolina

An added feature the company offers is the ability for customers to change the color of the lights. Customers download the app on their cell phones and control the colors they wish to display. “We are one of the few lighting companies that is experienced installing this system,” Jake says.

Jake explains that although the company’s focus is installing permanent outdoor lighting, it also offers holiday decorations through the franchise Christmas Décor.

“We design your house based on what your holiday decorating needs are,” he says.

Outlining a roof, stringing lights on shrubbery and trees and adding accent lights on the ground are part of their expertise. Wreaths, garlands and special touches can be added.

“We interview clients on the theme they want,” Jake says. “Anything you want Christmas-wise, we can get done. We can take on any project as long as it’s a safe endeavor.”

The company can also provide indoor decorations for those wishing a special Christmas tree or other accents.

“We do have the ability to make custom pieces,” Jake says.

The company leases all decorations to their customers, who can observe a team installing them. The staff repairs or resolves any issue that arises and caters to its clients’ concerns.

“We have a very fast response time,” Jake says.

When the holiday season is over, the team removes the decorations. No need to have a place to store what was leased because Coastal Carolina Lighting does that for their clients until the decorations are needed the following year.

Christmas isn’t the only holiday in which Coastal Carolina Lighting offers service. Its permanent lighting systems have color-changing options that accommodate decorating for Halloween, Fourth of July and other special days. Orange and purple may be preferred colors for Halloween while red, white and blue can feature the Fourth of July.

The Wilsons brought Coastal Carolina Lighting to Ocean Isle Beach in 2021 with their 13 years of business experience.

“We’re a local, family-owned business,” Jake says. “We specialize in luxury outdoor lighting. Every house is a lighted canvas. We take a lot of pride in that.”

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