Business Profile: Cary Cart Company

by Apr 19, 2023Business, South Brunswick

At the Cary Cart Company showroom in Ocean Isle Beach, customers can expect to see a wide range of different models with options that fit any budget.

It comes as no surprise that the golf cart industry is booming here in coastal North Carolina. As one of the state’s fastest-growing counties, with more than 30 golf courses, Brunswick County is attracting people from all over in search of a more leisurely lifestyle. But golf carts aren’t just for the fairways anymore, according to Zan Pope, vice president of Cary Cart Company.

“Having a golf cart is part of the lifestyle here,” Pope says. “You get to spend time cruising the neighborhood, going to the beach or the pool or going to visit a friend.”

Cary Cart Company, a family-owned business, was founded in 2013 in Cary, North Carolina, with the goal of offering a higher level of service and selection than what was commonly found in the golf car industry in North Carolina. That’s believe that sets them apart from other cart companies today.

Cary Cart Company Golf Cart

“We always try to go above and beyond with our service as well as offer different lines of products,” Pope says. “Not to mention, we have a great team that’s always available.”

In 2015 they expanded their offerings by adding the Club Car brand, the global leader in golf and utility vehicles. Since then, they have achieved the rare designation as a Club Car Black and Gold Dealer.

“We are authorized to carry all cars in the Club Car line including consumer and commercial cars,” Pope says. “They are superior products to begin with, but we are always able to service the carts after the sale as well.”

While Cary Cart Company was busy cornering the market of custom and Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) in the Triangle area, the company realized that they had built a coastal business inland and soon after added a rental fleet for seasonal rentals at the coast. In 2016 they acquired the golf car operation on Bald Head Island.

Seeing the explosive growth happening in the rest of Brunswick County, they decided to expand. In January 2020 they expanded to add a Club Car dealership on Ocean Isle Beach. Today Cary Cart Company is now one of the largest golf cart dealers in North Carolina with 25 employees and three showrooms. Their flagship location in Cary remains their headquarters.

At the showroom in Ocean Isle Beach, customers can expect to see a wide range of different models with options that fit any budget.

“We have a new model that’s just been released called the Club Car Cru,” Pope says. “It’s totally different from anything you’ve probably seen; it doesn’t look like a golf cart at all.”

At Cary Cart Company, they don’t just sell carts off the shelf, they specialize in building street-legal carts designed to meet the criteria of each customer.

They design one-of-a-kind carts to fit individual lifestyles, and their team works with the client to outline exactly what they’re looking for, including look and feel, colors and features. Pope says they custom paint with a lot of team colors. All custom projects start with a Club Car aluminum chassis, perfect for use in the coastal salt air.

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