Business Profile: Boys and Girls Home

by Dec 10, 2018South Brunswick

Business Profile: Boys and Girls Homes

If anyone understands that what makes a family is so much more than blood, it’s Donna Yalch. As Vice President of Community-Based Services for the Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, Yalch works with families every day who have made the decision to open their hearts and homes to a foster child. With five offices across the state, the Boys and Girls Homes has been working hard to find loving homes for North Carolina’s foster children since 1954. Brunswick County is one area that Yalch says is currently in great need of foster parents with a lot of love to give.

“We’re looking for families or single people who are willing to take these children in and treat them like their own, but they also need to know there’s a chance that the children will be reunited with their parents,” Yalch says. “The best case scenario is that the kids can go back home after their parents get the help that they need.”

All the Boys and Girls Homes’ foster children come from across the state through the Department of Social Services. The organization’s main goal is to keep children in their same community and school if at all possible.

“That’s why we need a lot of homes in Brunswick County,” Yalch says. “Every time a child is moved, it sets them back developmentally about six months to a year. We try to keep our kids in an environment they’re used to.”

Parents who want to foster go through a 40-hour training in which they are taught how to deal with a variety of issues unique to foster children, such as loss, behavior management issues and trauma. The large amount of support given to both foster parents and children is something the Boys and Girls Homes works hard to provide every single day.

“The more we support our foster parents, the better they can parent their child so that the child isn’t moved from place to place. We’re simply there to support our foster parents and make sure that the children get all the services that they need while they’re with us.”

Do you have room in your heart and home for a foster child? To find out more about becoming a foster parent, call (877) 211-5322 or visit –  Sponsored Content

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