Business Profile: Body Edge Fitness Studio

by Jan 1, 2019South Brunswick

Business Profile: Body Edge Fitness Studio   

When it comes to your health and fitness, Body Edge Fitness Studio in Ocean Isle Beach wants you to think outside the gym by embracing a balanced approach between nutrition, body and mind. The studio already offers wellness coaching with Certified Holistic Health Coach Beth Mincher, who helps clients achieve optimal wellness through diet, physical activity and natural therapies. Now Body Edge has added massage therapy to further improve its clients’ quality of life.

Sunn Bingaman, a practicing massage therapist for 23 years, offers personalized therapeutic bodywork. She specializes in rehabilitative and neuromuscular therapies, which she also taught for 12 years at White River School of Massage in northwest Arkansas. Her experience makes it easy for her to choose the appropriate therapy or therapies that a client needs. “When they explain to me where they are for that day, I will try my best to make them feel more pain-free, restful, healthy and happy,” Bingaman says. “And everybody’s favorite color is happy!”

Therapeutic massage is a restorative therapy that goes beyond relaxation to provide health benefits, and it’s just the thing that Cindy Black, owner of Body Edge Fitness Studio, wanted her clients to have access to. Bingaman contacted Black about teaching a class once she permanently relocated to the area. But Black had other ideas as well. She knew Bingaman was a massage therapist. “Sunn had initially emailed me about teaching a class at the studio, and asked if we could meet. I replied yes, and asked if she would ever consider expanding her massage practice. She replied back with a yes and lots of explanation points,” Black says. Bingaman calls the timing of the union “serendipity.”

The approach to bodywork is unique for every therapist. Bingaman focuses on attachment sites and trigger point work, “which is how the central nervous system talks to the muscles and body,” she says. Each massage session can be completely different in how she starts or ends, depending on the client’s needs or requests. She offers hot and cold therapies including clay packs and stones for inflammation of joints and muscles.  

In addition to massage, Bingaman offers 30-minute Biomat sessions on an infrared mat that can de-stagnate the blood and raise the body temperature by releasing needed enzymes, opening sluggish areas and calming excessive areas. According to Bingaman, it can help relieve osteoarthritis pain, joint pain, muscle pain, insomnia and depression. And through December 31, clients receive a complimentary Biomat session for every hour-long massage appointment scheduled or gift card purchased.

Of course, Body Edge also specializes in a fully equipped gym, a multitude of group class options, expert personal training, health coaching, above-board customer service and a safe, clean, inspiring environment. Celebrating 15 years in business in Brunswick County, Black has continually expanded her studio to better accommodate her clients. Massage at Body Edge is just the next, natural step in the evolution of her success. To help promote a healthy lifestyle in Brunswick County, Body Edge suggests the gift of health for loved ones this holiday season. 


Body Edge Fitness Studio: 6741 Beach Drive SW, Suite B, Ocean Isle Beach; (910) 575-0975; – Sponsored Content




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