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by Jun 26, 2023Health, North Brunswick, Partners

Due to the population increase and growth in and around Leland, BlueWave Dentistry welcomes Dr. Andy Gould to the team.

Dr. Chad Biggerstaff, owner of BlueWave Dentistry in Leland, has always had a love for the profession of dentistry. You could say it is “in his blood.” His father, Charlie, was a dentist in Wilmington from 1974 until he retired eight years ago.

Biggerstaff began practicing in Leland in 2008 shortly after graduating dental school at UNC Chapel Hill. He joined Dr. John Sweeney, who had established a general dental practice at the entrance to Waterford in 2005. The two became business partners and together built what has become BlueWave Dentistry in 2010. When Sweeney decided to open a specialty practice in Wilmington focusing on TMJ patients, Biggerstaff brought on junior partner Dr. David Vurnakes.

For the past five years, BlueWave Dentistry has grown organically, primarily through internal referrals.

With the population increase in Leland and the surrounding communities, however, they came to the realization they would have to grow in other ways. And thanks to a chance meeting between Biggerstaff and Dr. Andy Gould, BlueWave is about to do just that.

Dr Gould Bluewave Dentistry NC

Dr. Andy Gould will join BlueWave Dentistry in July 2023.

“It’s a big deal for me to bring on another doctor,” Biggerstaff says. “I am not the type of person who likes change. I am a comfort-zone kind of guy. But in the spring of 2022, I got a call from Dr. Andy Gould in Pennsylvania, and things changed.”

Gould, who was born and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania, has been practicing dentistry for 27 years. He and his business partner established and recently sold four practices. Gould’s wife, Ami, has family who moved to Leland in 2018, and after many visits to the area, they decided to relocate to southeastern North Carolina as well. But Gould was not ready to retire; he knew he still wanted to practice once he arrived.

“I came for a visit and was scouting for practices where I might work,” Gould says. “I went into offices, shaking hands, having conversations. When I walked into BlueWave Dentistry, Chad and I just hit it off as far as our backgrounds, energy and philosophies. Most importantly, Chad shares the same love for people and the profession that I do.”

That weekend, Biggerstaff got a text from Gould. “It said, ‘I want to come live there but I only want to work with you guys,’” Biggerstaff remembers.

Bluewave Dentist Exam Room NC

Obviously, I was flattered, and my wife and I thought and prayed about it and decided we could make this work with three doctors.”

In July 2023 Gould will officially become BlueWave Dentistry’s newest doctor. Collectively, Biggerstaff, Vurnakes and Gould offer 50+ years of combined clinical experience.

“We’ve always had a comprehensive practice with a wide array of services and state-of-the-art technology, but Andy brings a new level of experience and expertise,” Biggerstaff says. “He’s very seasoned and able to provide several services that David and I don’t currently provide. With Andy on board, we will have more services and more capacity, giving us the ability to care for more people in new and different ways.”

Gould does all facets of dentistry, including surgery, root canals and even Botox. “With the expansion of services, in a modern facility, we don’t have to send our patients anywhere else,” Gould says. “They can stay with one practice and have the advantage of having three doctors with collective ideas, experiences and perspectives to come up with the perfect treatment plan.”

BlueWave Dentistry’s mission is to make sure that patients young and old have a dental home where they feel like part of the family.

Dentists at Bluewave Dentistry NC

L to R: Dr. Andy Gould, Dr. Chad Biggerstaff & Dr. David Vurnakes

“I want patients to know I am not coming down to work part-time,” Gould says. “I’m in this to become a member of the community and the practice.”

The Goulds, who have two daughters who’ve both graduated from college, look forward to living in Brunswick Forest. They enjoy being outdoors and playing golf and are excited to be part of Leland’s growth.

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Photography by Megan Deitz