Business Profile: Behavioral Consulting for Autism

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Tina Gill and Angelique Meyer of Behavioral Consulting for Autism (BCA) are experienced professionals who provide impactful services and are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism.

Originally from Massachusetts, Tina Gill, MA, LCMHC, BCBA, is a board-certified behavior analyst and a licensed clinical mental health counselor who has worked with children and adults with autism since 1986.

When she moved to North Carolina in 2004, Gill recognized that there were no services in the area providing help and support for kids with autism. Jumping in to fill the gap through consulting services in school districts across New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick counties, she recognized that children were being diagnosed with autism late in childhood development. To help solve this problem in the community, Gill started working with local agencies and families to advocate for accessibility to services for these children.

Autism Center Leland NC

BCA Leland Site Supervisor Angelique Meyer, MA, BCBA, echoes the accessibility obstacle that Gill recognized and set to work to solve.

“I worked for Brunswick County Schools for 12 years and was able to see first-hand how often children were not accessing early intervention support until they reached elementary school age due to the lack of local, community-based resources,” Meyer says. “I am so excited to be able to fill this need within our community by offering families locally based support to provide intensive intervention services and preparing their children to transition into school.”

Gill officially incorporated Behavioral Consulting for Autism in Hampstead in 2016 and still owns and directs it today.

For the past six years, the organization has helped families by using evidence-based strategies and by operating with a commitment to provide valuable help and service to each of its clients.

“Our vision is to partner with families living with autism to create a plan specific to their child’s needs that will make lasting, positive changes to grow and reach their fullest potential,” Gill says.

Leland NC Behavioral Consulting for Autism

Gill opened additional offices in Wilmington in 2018 and Leland in 2022. And she doesn’t want to stop her organization’s life-changing services there.

“We love living in such a diverse community, which has seen exponential growth over the past few years,” Gill says. “The community as a whole is very inclusive and supportive of individuals with autism and their families. We look forward to expanding our reach of services into Brunswick County.”

BCA Leland NC

All BCA’s services are offered in-person and face-to-face, in “an enriching, sensory-friendly environment,” with the goal to help children with autism cultivate communication skills, foster their abilities to interact with others in a social setting and help reduce challenging behaviors.

“There is a heavy emphasis on making learning enjoyable and on engaging learners in positive social interactions,” Gill says.

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