Business Profile: Bald Head Coffee

by Aug 2, 2022Business, South Brunswick

Bald Head Coffee in Southport offers high-quality coffee and teas, including several unique coastal blends and seasonal offerings.

In the spring of 2020, Steve and Pam Lewis of Southport decided to start their dream company — an online coffee bean store right here in Brunswick County. With Steve’s prior experience of owning a coffee house and working in the coffee industry, they began with just a website to promote Bald Head Coffee, named after the beautiful island just off of Southport.

Their timing was perfect. When they saw their coffee business take off online, they decided to start selling their products to local retail stores and offering their merchandise at local farmers markets. They recently opened a showroom at 1433 S. Howe Street in Southport for customers to visit to purchase coffee, teas and merchandise directly.

Bald Head Coffee sets itself apart from other coffee stores by first and foremost providing the best service experience for their customers.

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“We engage with our customers — a smile and a bit of humor goes a long way in this business!” Steve says.

Offering high-quality coffee and teas, including several unique coastal blends and seasonal offerings, they have earned the business of many locals and tourists.

“By having the online store, we have noticed that many visitors to the area who try our coffee will then order online to ship it to their homes around the country,” Steve says.

The Lewises donate a percentage of their annual profits to charities and local organizations to meet one of their key goals of cleaning the ocean and protecting sea turtles.

You can find the Bald Head Coffee Tent at farmers markets at Oak Island on Mondays, Southport on Wednesdays and Sunset Beach on Thursdays.

Bald Head Coffee: 1433 N. Howe Street, Southport, (800) 484-8399,