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by Sep 9, 2022Business, Health, North Brunswick

Dr. Melissa Owen, with Aesthetic Dentistry, has dentistry in her genes.

For Dr. Jon Ludwig, owner of Aesthetic Dentistry at Magnolia Village, dentistry has always been about building relationships with patients.

“Many people have fears and anxiety when they think about having a dental procedure done,” explains Dr. Ludwig. “That’s why the dental profession is as much about people as it about teeth.”

Having the right people in place to help alleviate patients’ concerns is a top priority for Dr. Ludwig. That’s why he recently made Dr. Melissa Owen a partner in his practice.

“Upon my initial introduction and interview with Dr. Owen, it was clear that she was completely personable and had the important attribute of being able to put patients at ease,” Dr. Ludwig says. “She excels as it. And she has proved this to be true during the 1.5 years that she spent with the practice prior to becoming a partner.”

Leland NC Aesthetic Dentistry

You could say that dentistry is in Dr. Owen’s genes. Her dad was a dentist, and her mom managed his practice in Virginia Beach, VA. Additionally, her two siblings are both dentists.

On being made a partner at Aesthetic Dentistry at Magnolia Village, Dr. Owen is “excited and happy to be at a practice where I have a great relationship with Dr. Ludwig and a team that communicates and functions so well together,” she says. “It really is a great environment where people enjoy being at work.”

Dr. Owen received her undergraduate degree from James Madison University and then attended dental school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduating from dental school in 2015, she completed her General Practice Residency in the Veterans Administration near Los Angeles, California.

As a partner, Dr. Owen will take on more management responsibilities but will continue doing what she loves the most: working with patients.

“I genuinely love working with people and getting to know them and learning about their children or grandchildren, their travels, explains Dr. Owen. “It’s not just about talking about teeth; it’s about establishing relationships.”

There are so many reasons people become dentists, like keeping patients healthy and pain-free. But for Dr. Owen, what she loves about being a dentist goes beyond the physical.

Dr. Melissa Owens Aesthetic Dentistry

“I really love the creativity behind dentistry. Building and molding and creating new smiles,” she says. “Being able to take something and make it better—and make people feel better about themselves physically and emotionally. It can even be just one tooth, but that one tooth can make all the difference in someone’s smile.”

Being made a partner is just one of Dr. Owen’s professional and personal highs this year. She and her husband Conolly are expecting their second child—a girl—in November, who will join big sister Harbor Grace.

Dr. Owen’s compassion for her patients and commitment to her profession are just what Dr. Ludwig was looking for.

“I’ve owned this practice for 15 years now and have had other associates,” Dr. Ludwig says. “It was definitely worth the wait to find someone of Dr. Owen’s caliber, and we are thrilled to have her as a permanent fixture in the practice moving forward!”

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Photography by Megan Deitz