Many of us struggle with making decisions, especially for important milestones in our lives. But Garrett and Kristin Wood had no trouble deciding where to build their first home. For the Woods, building in North Brunswick County was, without a doubt, the right thing to do.

Garrett and Kristin are not newcomers to North Carolina. Both have childhood roots in the state—Kristin is from Atlantic Beach and Garrett lived in various parts of the state when he was growing up. Both of them knew they wanted to make their permanent home on the coast.

“I fell in love with it during my high school and college years in North Carolina,” says Garrett. “Then eventually I had job opportunities in Wilmington and have been here in the area for the past five and a half years.”

How did this couple meet? The answer is simple: Wine. Both Garrett and Kristin are in the wine business, so their jobs happened to cross paths in Wilmington, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The couple rented homes all over the area, from Hampstead to downtown Wilmington to Kure Beach, and had a lot of fun in each place they lived. But being married now for two and a half years, they wanted to buy a home as an investment and to begin a family. Not being familiar with Brunswick County, they explored the area over a period of about two years by taking afternoon drives and simply getting lost. During one of these outings this past fall, they stumbled upon the community of Wedgewood at Lanvale in Leland.

They were immediately impressed with the palm tree entrance, gold lettered sign and the overall appearance of the community. Jen Yochheim of Logan Homes greeted Garrett and Kristin and showed them inside the model home and around the community. The Woods were impressed with everything they saw. With brochures and floor plans in hand, the Woods went away with a lot to think about. This community, they thought, had possibilities.

Since the Woods had been searching the greater Wilmington area for the past few years, they were concerned about making the right decision with their money, especially in the market’s current economic state.

“We wanted to be smart with our money, yet have everything we wanted in our first home,” Kristin says. “We had variables in mind that kept us searching for the perfect house. Is it affordable? Are we going to be able to have the lifestyle we want in the surroundings we want, and at the same time, make a good investment for the future?”

Wedgewood attracted the Woods for several reasons. First, they loved the fact that the Wedgewood community is minutes from Wilmington.

Garrett says, “A big part of both of our careers is downtown. North Brunswick gives us the little bit of the quiet country feel to start a family, but being striking distance from the excitement, youth and energy of downtown.”

Second, the community and Logan Homes seemed to be able to offer them everything they wanted. Being able to have their house built brand new was a great draw.

“We were looking to get the best ‘bang for our buck’,” Garrett says.

Lastly, Logan’s buyer incentives helped the couple clinch their decision to build in Wedgewood. After using the builder’s lender and agents, they would be given assistance on closing costs.

Once they made their decision to build and their finances were in order, the Woods chose a home site and began the home-planning process.

The Woods chose the “Wedgewood” floor plan, yet they were able to customize their home in many ways—a feature they had not encountered at planned communities they had looked at previously. Their ability to upgrade their house by adding options, such as wood flooring, a two-car garage, a screened porch and upgraded carpet and counter tops, all added to the appeal of the 1,443-heated-square-foot home.

“We got to add numerous things that I never would have imagined that we could ever have,” says Kristin. “With Logan, we really felt like we were building a custom home. They offered us so much more.”

The couple then met with Paula Herring, the Logan Homes design consultant at the design center and was able to pick and match colors for their interior and see how all of their options would look.

“The design center actually has little vignettes set up as samples,” Kristin comments.

The time in the design center was one of the highlights of the home-building process for the Woods.

“It was a unique experience to spend a day in the design center,” says Garrett.

“My mom is an interior designer and she was blown away by what the design center here had to offer,” Kristin adds.

Garrett adds that the staff of Logan Homes was very helpful.

“Jen also took us out to walk the neighborhood and took us in homes under construction to get ideas of upgrades that were available,” says Garrett.

The planning process took about a week. Then construction on the home began.

“We actually changed our minds about the lot,” says Garrett, “so the building process took a month or so longer because they already had started putting the footings in. But they were flexible with us and let us change lots.”

The Logan Process, scheduled meetings at the home site, emails and telephone calls kept the communication lines open during the construction. The entire process for the Woods, from choosing a floor plan to the end of construction, took about five months.

For Garrett, the entire home-building experience was met with nervous energy, wanting everything to go smoothly as planned, yet it was also a lot of fun.

“For someone who’s never gone through home building before, I’ve never felt more comfortable with such a large decision,” Kristin states.

As this story was being written, the Woods were planning to close on their new home in a few days. When asked how they intended to celebrate, they reply, “We are going to pop a big bottle of wine we have been saving for this event that was given to us special from a winery owner. We’ve been anxiously waiting to pop the cork!”

For the Woods, building their home was a wonderful experience. They are happy and very content with their decision to buy in North Brunswick.

“We look forward to living here and being a part of this area as it continues to grow,” they say.

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