Beautiful North Brunswick County attracts people with various interests, talents and experiences to share. Scott and Elizabeth DiSpirito are two such people. They recently relocated from New Jersey and decided to build a new home in the community of Lanvale Forest in Leland.

Both active, the DiSpiritos sought to find an affordable area where they could pursue their recreational adventures yet slow down their everyday pace. They decided North Brunswick County was the perfect place to find this unique balance.

Scott and Elizabeth bring with them a lively and eclectic past. Scott was born in New York City and lived in Japan for a time (where he learned to be proficient in martial arts), served in the Air Force, worked for the U.S. Marshal Service and has worked professionally in the financial sector for the past ten years.

Elizabeth has an equally vibrant history. Originally from Poland, she took a class upon entering the United States to learn English. From there, she started building her job experiences. She worked as a manicurist for spa director Marlene Habermann of Dieci Lifestyle Spa in New Jersey, was a teacher assistant for a private preschool, instructed dance at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio and modeled wedding dresses for a Polish magazine.

As a couple they love to travel and entertain and they are avid scuba divers. So what led them to Leland?

“We were always coming down here to visit family,” says Elizabeth, “and we loved the area with all it had to offer, so we decided — why not just move here?”

Scott adds, “My brothers, Dave and Darren Levy, who are real estate developers and owners of Milo Enterprises, live in Wilmington and told us we should look over the bridge in Leland. They said that it was an up-and-coming area with a promising future.”

By the same token, they were impressed with being able to buy a bigger home at a better price than those in the New Jersey area.

The DiSpiritos took their family members’ advice, procured their own real estate agent, Lawrence Blanton of Re/Max Coastal Properties, who is a lifelong resident of Wilmington and began to look around at various developments in the Leland vicinity. They were finally directed to Lanvale Forest, where they met Bryon Robinson, a sales representative for Southern Home Builders, Inc.

“Bryon was instrumental in helping us decide on a home site, house plan, selections and upgrades,” says Scott. “He went above and beyond.”

The couple researched and felt confident with Southern Home Builders’ long history (more than 30 years) of providing quality built homes in the eastern North Carolina region. Also, Scott and Elizabeth felt Lanvale Forest had a lot to offer, with amenities such as a community pool, a pool house, fully sodded and irrigated lawns and attractive common areas. Once making their decision to purchase in Lanvale Forest, they chose a home site.

“We switched sites about three times before deciding on a corner lot,” Scott remarks.

Next in order was deciding on a house plan. That too proved to be a harder task than they imagined because of the many choices offered.

“I think we changed our minds on the model about five times,” they agree, “but we finally chose the Sagewood.”

The Sagewood model boasts 2,083 heated square feet with three bedrooms, two baths, a two car garage, a patio, an upstairs study and unfinished storage area. (After the building completion, however, the DiSpiritos opted to finish off the extra storage space on their own, which gives them over approximately 400 additional square feet).

Then the selection and upgrading process followed. This course of action was so smooth it amazed the DiSpiritos.

“We really were able to design a quality built custom home for a great value,” says Scott. “We were able to upgrade the tile, floors, cabinets, hardware, sinks, interior and exterior lighting and even put up columns inside.”

The building of the home progressed just as efficiently.

“We were still living in New Jersey during the time our home was being built,” Scott recalls. “We only traveled down here twice during the whole process.”The couple was kept informed via email during the five month home-building period. “We kept anticipating problems, but there weren’t any!” says Elizabeth. “Bryon was on top of things and willing to please. We were very happy with how things went.”

Scott and Elizabeth had a great time decorating and went all-out on their furnishings, even having some of it special ordered.

“We finally got to decorate our house the way we wanted — it has a New York/LA type flair,” says Elizabeth. The DiSpiritos’ home is featured on a production video presented on the Lanvale Forest’s website. Their new kitchen is perfect for Elizabeth to indulge in her favorite pastime of cooking for friends and family.

Southern Home Builders gave them a 10-year warranty on the structure of their home and a one-year warranty on certain in-home repairs.

“Follow-up has been great,” Scott says, “It is comforting to know Southern Home Builders stands by their products and that they do it in a quick and professional manner.”

As for the home-building experience, the DiSpiritos give positive praise.

“The entire procedure with Southern Home Builders was professional, well documented and very thorough,” says Scott. “This company knows how to do it — they left no stone unturned.”

Since settling in May, the DiSpiritos and their dog, a precious greyhound, are enjoying their new home together. They like the quiet neighborhood of Lanvale Forest and their friendly neighbors.

Scott and Elizabeth continue to pursue the fun activities and entertainment that they have always relished: finding new waters to dive, traveling and checking out great places to experience new food and wine-tasting. They miss certain New York cuisine and attending Broadway shows from time to time, but Scott says, “the trade-offs are definitely in our favor.”

The people in this area have made them feel welcome and relaxed. “We have also become really good friends with our next door neighbors, Monika and Joe Scappatura, who are just great people and it’s so nice to see people smile at you — even in the supermarket,” comments Elizabeth.

Scott adds, “We look forward to pulling back the reigns and living life at a slower pace. We know that here we can live a comfortable life yet still be able to do the things we have always liked to do.”