Brunswick County Unveils Code Red

by Oct 4, 2018Brunswick County Life, South Brunswick

Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive a phone call or text to warn you if there is imminent danger at your home or business? Well, not only does that technology exist, it is in practice in Brunswick County. In fact, County residents used the notification system, named CodeRED, to receive advanced word of flash flooding in their neighborhoods and other information related to Hurricane Florence.

The County subscribes to the program, which is a service of a company named OnSolve, LLC. Residents and others who work in the County can sign up for it online at free of charge. The true goal of this technology is to provide the information needed to help a community make smart, educated decisions during a natural crisis or severe weather of any kind. OnSolve states on its website that when seconds count, residents must be fully informed and continuously updated.

When users register for the service, they first enter the address of their location and select the type of calamities for which they wish to be notified. Options include severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash floods, winter storms and tsunamis.  Agencies such as Brunswick County have the ability to send Geo-targeted push notifications to residents and visitors when problems become imminent.

During Hurricane Florence, Brunswick County residents who had registered received flood and storm surge weather alerts from the CodeRED system and other informational messages directly from the County. When an alert goes out, the phone emits an alarm, such as a siren or bell, notifying the recipient that there is an urgent message available.

This service can be a great comfort, as witnessed during Hurricane Florence, and also increase communication across a wide and vast County. Those who had evacuated and were notified by the CodeRED service about issues at their home location were able to use social media to communicate with neighbors who did not have CodeRED. And those who stayed local were able to confirm with evacuees what was actually happening following the alerts.

CodeRED provided an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors and for the community to come together with pertinent information during a natural disaster. And Hurricane Florence also proved that improved technology, including social media, can be a resource and help during a crisis.

There is also a CodeRED app, available for smartphones. To receive more details about the intricacies of CodeRED, go to

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