Betsy Braddock Breaks the Mold with her Home Renovations

by Dec 14, 2017People, South Brunswick

When people look at the Braddock Built Renovations print advertisement that shows owner Betsy Braddock in a red dress and high heels, they often ask, “How can she build in that outfit?”

Braddock’s response: “I can do anything!”

And she can. From million dollar renovations to low budget remodels, Braddock is capable and willing to do it all. As the only female builder in Brunswick County, she has proven herself up to the task, no matter what that task may be.

Founded in Atlanta, GA in 1994 by her father as a second career, Braddock Built Renovations intrigued a young Braddock who was studying at Georgia Tech at the time.

The problems her father was solving and the impact he was making excited Braddock, so she inquired about joining him in the building industry.

“He said, ‘There are no girls in building,’ and I said ‘So?’” Braddock reveals. “So he said, ‘You’re right.’” That conversation marked the beginning of her career in the building industry, changing many people’s minds about women’s place within it.

After spending five years working in the commercial building industry in Atlanta, Braddock “got bored” and joined the family business in 1999. Five years later, she took over the business completely, moving it, and her young daughter, to Brunswick County in 2007.

Braddock Built Renovations“It is consistent in big city Atlanta or small town Shallotte, women in construction is very much an anomaly. The fact that I specialize in renovations is even more of an anomaly,” Braddock explains.  “It’s just so fun.”

Braddock has been able to have a great deal of fun lately since business is booming.

“It’s off the hook! I have a backlog into the spring and I have not been able to use that type of language in years,” Braddock says with glee.

Braddock’s specialty is whole house renovations, and this award-winning builder works to ensure her work reflects how her clients live, what obstacles they may have, and “how we can make it so much better.”

Aging in place has become the focus of much of Braddock’s work by including grab rails, widening doors, and adding elevators in many of her projects.

“Every single project is meant to make homeowners’ lives easier and to have the work available to them before they need it,” Braddock explains.

According to Braddock, what she and everyone in the area building industry needs, is “more skilled labor.”  To alleviate this problem, Braddock is passionate about providing opportunities for students to receive the training they need.

This coming April will mark the third annual Woodsong Porch and Art Stroll that Braddock and her local friends created in order to build an endowment to benefit the Woodsong Scholarship for Construction Industry Careers at Brunswick Community College.

“It is the first of its kind, and its purpose is to address the huge need in the construction trade,” Braddock reveals. “We are already more than half way to our endowment this year.”

Braddock is the first of her kind also, having served as the first female president of the Brunswick County Homebuilders Association in 2016-2017. Still a member of the BCHBA’s executive board, Braddock is proud of the community-focused work of the organization.

“We are very involved. When a need arises, or a crisis happens, we are there to respond,” Braddock shares.

The BCHBA won a STARS Award for Best HBA Community Project or Program from the North Carolina Homebuilders Association for their Disaster Relief Water Challenge that provided water for those effected by Hurricane Matthew.

“Everybody wants to help and wants to do, and we make it happen,” Braddock declares.

Braddock has made it happen for herself and hopes to inspire others with her success.

“Whatever your passion is, go find it and do it. Don’t be afraid if you’re going to make any money, if you are passionate, the money will come.”

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