Wilmington, NC – The Bellamy Mansion Museum one of Wilmington’s iconic museum houses
sustained significant damages from the storm. The historic mansion lost a portion of the
belvedere roof and water went through the ceilings, floors and wall all the way down to the
basement. Wood, plaster and carpet were soaked from the rain that came through.
The Slaves Quarters sustained minimal damage as did the Carriage House. The grounds
sustained damage as well. The magnolias lost several limbs and trees fell in the parking lot.
The water damage is extensive throughout the mansion.

Volunteers are needed to help out with the cleaning. Staff will be onsite Thursday, Friday and
Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The site is in need of standing or box fans, and
dehumidifiers. If anyone wants to bring food for the volunteers, that is also appreciated.
The museum hopes to re-open as soon as possible.

The Bellamy Mansion Museum, located at 503 Market Street in Wilmington, is a non-profit
educational institution dedicated to interpreting the social and architectural history of the
Bellamy Mansion and promoting a greater understanding of historic preservation, architectural
history and restoration methods in North Carolina.

For more information contact Carolyn Gonzalez at 828-507-4267 or