Be Sunshine

by Jun 23, 2020Nonprofits, South Brunswick

Certified Holistic Health Coach Beth Mincher took her mother’s advice to heart and has started a kindness campaign.

If ever there was a time for a positive movement, it is now. As much of the world is experiencing a sense of loss, fear and hopelessness collectively, here’s a thought: Go Be Sunshine!

That is exactly what Beth Mincher did. Those words were the marching orders her mother, Margaret, gave her just before she passed away from complications due to Parkinson’s disease.

“I was visiting her at Autumn Care nursing facility in Shallotte and I told her I would be there with her for the entire day, and she said, “No, you go be sunshine,” Mincher says. “She said that to me for years, but at that moment I realized what she meant for me to do: go let my light shine for others, to offer a positive message to the world.”


Mincher, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, was inspired by her mother’s words to launch a positive movement to educate and empower people to make positive lifestyle choices that lead to more energy, less stress and a stronger, happier body, mind and spirit. In August of 2019 she designed a t-shirt with the slogan Be Sunshine and set out on a cross-country road trip to spread the spirit of Be Sunshine.

“In my mother’s memory, I choose to live my best life for her and for myself and for the impact I can make in the lives of others,” Mincher says. “My mom lived her life to serve others, to be a good person and to make an impact. And while she led in a subtle, quiet way, she was a force of love, light and happiness.”

The response to the t-shirt and the movement was so successful Mincher had to quickly up her inventory. As the resident health coach at Body Edge Fitness Studio in Ocean Isle Beach since 2014, Mincher collaborated with owner Cindy Black to sell the shirts exclusively at the studio. “Cindy and I are both advocates of health, wellness, community support and spreading positive messages,” Mincher says.

In this movement of Be Sunshine, Mincher felt there had to be a larger purpose, not just a tribute to her mom, but a way to give back. Margaret’s favorite charity was St. Jude Children’s Hospital, so Mincher donates a portion of Be Sunshine proceeds to the organization.

“I hope that when people wear a Be Sunshine shirt, they think of their own loved ones who were the sunshine in their lives, and how they can embody that message and be a positive influence for themselves and others,” Mincher says, adding that her mother “lived her life as a beacon of light to others at a time when the word seemed dark.”


Sunshine provides that light and warmth, but its not always where we expect it to be. What if we are the sunshine? Mincher hopes the campaign will help others spread love and happiness. Make someone’s day. Think, act and do larger than yourself. Pay it forward. Be Sunshine!

For more information on the Be Sunshine movement, visit Or visit Body Edge Fitness Studio in Ocean Isle Beach to get your own Be Sunshine t-shirt.

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