Award-Winning Tellers

by Mar 17, 2021Business, North Brunswick

At First Bank in Belville, all three tellers were recognized for exceptional customer service and knowledge in 2020.

First Bank presents the Exceptional Teller Award each year to recognize associates whose roles and performance meet specific requirements. Those requirements revolve around the bank’s promise of service excellence and building trusted relationships with its customers. Exceptional Tellers are committed to knowledge, accuracy, taking ownership, utilizing best practices and paying attention to detail.

All three tellers at First Bank in Belville, Jennifer Capps, Lakrystal Bowen and Jenny Dove, received the award for 2020.

Capps has received the award for four consecutive years. Bowen and Dove have each received the award at least once before.

Jennifer Smith Teller First Bank NC

However, it is rare that all the tellers in one branch receive the award for the same year. The First Bank team celebrated with incentives and treats throughout the award week.

Lakrystal Bowen Teller First Bank Award

First Bank in Belville offers straightforward advice from local financial experts and sophisticated financial products to keep accounts on the right track.

Jenny Dove Teller First Bank Award NC

They offer personal banking, business banking, digital and mobile banking, mortgage loans, insurance options and wealth-management services. First Bank offers the same services as the big banks, but with personalized service from bankers who know their customers’ names.

They believe their customers are meant to achieve financial independence, to prosper and to pursue the passions that drive their dreams.

Congratulations to Capps, Bowen and Dove for their awards!

Contact First Bank:
10 Waterford Business Ctr. Way, Belville
(910) 383-3955

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