Audrey Berkowitz of Leland Helps People Move Forward with True Strategies for Life

by Apr 24, 2018North Brunswick, People

It’s said that change is the one constant in life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. Audrey Berkowitz, a Leland resident and Professional Life Coach, supports people who are struggling with transitions, big and small.

Berkowitz’s own struggle with major life change is part of what led her to this profession after working for over twenty years in banking and brokerage.

In October of 2016, Berkowitz lost her son to an overdose. The tragic loss inspired her to change careers and make her lifelong passion for helping others a reality.

Audrey Berkowitz“I needed to do something that matters, where I’m helping someone make a difference in their life,” she says.

In September of 2017, Berkowitz earned her Professional Life Coaching certification and began building her business. Last June, she took another leap and relocated from Olney, Maryland to Leland to join her significant other.

Here in Leland, Berkowitz has established her life coaching practice called True Strategies for Life. She shares that in this area, there is a great deal of unfamiliarity with what life coaching is.

“Some people think it’s therapy,” Berkowitz explains, but there are differences. A life coach doesn’t look at your past or work with issues like severe depression, she says. “I deal with where you are right now.”

Berkowitz shares that life coaches can work in a variety of settings, including the corporate world, doing team building for companies. But Berkowitz’s niche is helping individuals who are navigating changes like loss, divorce, or retirement, or feeling stuck in situations like relationships or careers. She and her clients work collaboratively to identify issues that are causing them stress and then formulate goals. Berkowitz helps her clients develop new coping skills and healthier, more productive perspectives.

“We figure out where they want to be,” she says, “and I support them and help them find the confidence to [get there].”

Berkowitz sees clients in her home office, a sunroom with privacy and a peaceful atmosphere. She offers a 15-30 minute initial complementary session and subsequent hour-long sessions. A discounted rate is available for those who buy a package of 4 sessions from the start. Berkowitz typically sees clients for an average of 3-4 months, and uses a number of coaching techniques, including focused discussion, journaling, homework assignments, and creating vision boards, which serve as a tangible, visual reminder of a goal that someone hopes to reach. Clients choose stickers and cut out words and images from magazines and stick them to a poster-board to represent their goal, which could be getting in shape, for instance, or taking a dream vacation.

Sample Inspiration Board

“If something’s right in front you staring you in the face you’re more apt to accomplish it then if it’s just in your head,” says Berkowitz.

In the near future, she’d like to utilize a space in the community to hold a vision board workshop, to teach and guide people through this motivational tool.

Berkowitz has a special interest in working with families dealing with addiction, a circumstance she knows too well.

“[Addiction] is a huge problem here as it is everywhere,” she says. “A lot of people’s lives become a merry-go-round of addiction… they’re on this rollercoaster, and family members end up riding that rollercoaster with them and they have to learn how to get off and live their lives.”

Life coaching work can enable people to regain control, she says.

“[It] empowers people and helps them make transitions that will improve their lives and relationships.”

Berkowitz is conscientious about practicing what she preaches. Since moving to North Carolina, she has taken up photography as a coping skill, capturing landscapes and selling her work at local farmers’ markets.

“Life coaching can unleash creativity in someone that they didn’t know they had before, that brings them closer to what they want or brings them peace or a new outlet.”

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