Aaron Talley: Christmas Lights Spectacular in Leland

by Dec 20, 2016Across the Cape Fear, Brunswick County, North Brunswick, People

Aaron Talley received two sets of icicle lights from his mother-in-law over ten years ago. Little did she know with that simple action she would inspire Talley to discover a new passion: creating an annual Christmas lights show in Leland.

Talley, who lives on Woodford Dr, has continued to grow his show since. Every year, the show is different, the music changes, and he adds something new to his house. Right now there are 33,000 lights (mostly LED) and four computer programs running. All lights, including a couple of strobes and eight ribbon lights, are coordinated to music. Talley has fourteen controllers that he uses to keep everything running smoothly.

“My brother-in-law called,” Talley remembers, “after I received the strands of icicle lights and showed me some examples of shows. I did some research on how to do it and kept adding. I kept saying ‘this isn’t enough,’ and adding more.”

The entire process starts in the summer, when Talley begins to program and design the show. In October, he begins to put the lights out and the weekend after Thanksgiving he and his family host opening day.

This year, opening day received coverage from a local news station and there were over 300 people in attendance.

“I have never seen so many people in front of my house before,” Talley laughs.

One would think that so many strangers driving by, many coming through multiple times throughout the season, would be unnerving. But Talley isn’t phased by it nor, he says, are his wife and two children.

“I am totally okay [if people] want to hang out and watch my lights,” Talley states. “I want people to come out and see it.”

In fact, creating this show and encouraging the community to come and enjoy it is, in Talley’s view, how he and his family give back to Leland.

Catch a peek at Talley’s light show on our YouTube channel.

“We are trying to be a light in the community,” Talley explains. “Christ was the light of the world and this is a literal representation of that. We are trying to be good neighbors in the community. There is a lot of stuff going on in the world but at Christmas everyone puts their differences aside and comes together to celebrate. This is our way of helping families who don’t have the opportunity, time or resources to create a light show like ours.”

Given all the traffic, lights and music he creates, Talley is incredibly impressed with his neighbors. He has never received complaints and most of his neighbors encourage this annual tradition.

Talley and his family serve Leland year-round, in many ways. While Talley’s primary occupation is as a Wells Fargo Wealth Advisor, he and his wife own Leland CrossFit, have started a church plant for Lifepoint Church inside their home, and coach a Dixie Youth Baseball team.

It is with pride that Talley lives and serves Leland, and that is evident in his Christmas creation. This holiday, take your loved ones out and enjoy Talley’s gift.

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