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by Jul 15, 2019South Brunswick

The Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself Workshops build up women’s DIY craft and confidence.

 In an age that seems like we’re all thumbs — as in mindlessly using those two digits to scroll, text and swipe wireless screens of all sizes for hours on end — it’s nice to know that the hands-on DIY industry is causing a good, old-fashioned distraction from the digital world.

The trend is built on the popularity of DIY craft and construction workshops, something that’s regularly scheduled right here in Brunswick County at The Home Depot in Shallotte. And, ladies, that means you! Their series of hour-and-a-half Do-It-Herself workshops for women is held on the third Thursday of every month, usually at 6 p.m.

“We’re finding that ladies who aren’t comfortable with power tools feel more confidence after the classes,” Store Manager Maeve White says. “And our instructors make the project with them. You learn how to measure, cut, stain and more. It’s intensive and may be intimidating at first, but, at the end, it’s great for independence.”

White says the classes draw a great demographic mix and all ages (you must be older than 18 to handle the power tools, however), so it’s not your Granny’s crafting club or housewives with a Pinterest addiction. And sometimes husbands like to tag along, too, especially if power tools are involved.

Statistics show that adults younger than the age of 35 dominate the $29 billion DIY industry, one that is growing faster than ever before. Millennials feed off that desire for active participation with their own two hands, uber-customization and a tailored, tangible experience. On top of that, nearly 50 percent of DIY consumers are female in a market that was, until recently, dominated by men.

“Yesterday, we only had five women register for our monthly workshop online, but 15 women showed up wanting to take the class,” White says, adding that there usually two female staff members at The Home Depot who instruct the workshops each month.

So, what is the “why?” in the DIY trend?

The Experience

DIY Workshops, like the Do-It-Herself series at The Home Depot, are not only about the actual experience at hand, like hammering, drilling, sawing and learning how to build something yourself, but also in sharing the process with the world. The experience is twofold: creating and sharing.

All of us — especially millennials — like to brag about the experience with hundreds of their friends and followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Because, nowadays it’s also about the value of the shareworthy experience. We all know we hunt for these DIY ideas and inspiration, too. It’s reported that 84 percent of us seek out creative content ideas online year-round, and now we can head out and do it for ourselves!

Overall, we take on and sign up for these DIY projects because we actually like it. A recent Google study reported that 47 percent of home projects were completed out of pure pleasure from those rolling up their sleeves and doing them.

Less Stress, More Confidence

What could be a better stress reliever than banging the head of a nail into a piece of plywood? Well, maybe a power saw slicing through a thick 4×4. Point is, DIY is the perfect escape to everyday stress, and you’re rewarded with the confidence of accomplishing something you didn’t think you could, all with your own hands.

Plus, White adds that it’s great for coworkers’ team-building skills or a unique ladies’ stress-relieving night out. Working together (or around each other’s work stations) raises both self-awareness of your own abilities and limitations. And that’s the most rewarding part of it. DIY workshops go outside the lines of a paint-and-sip class into your own artistic and crafty zone for a much-needed confidence boost. You’ll be able to take the tools and skills you learned at your workshop and bring it to your own workbench at home for similar jobs, maybe even home maintenance projects.

Be Creative

DIY workshops tap into that human instinct to create something, well, creative. The Home Depot workshops offer the opportunity to create succulent planters, veggie caddies and more for rooms throughout your home. Creativity is good for the mind, heart and soul.

It’s Personal & Customized

The most satisfying bottom line of a DIY workshop is that, when you sweep off the sawdust, you made what you made from the bottom, up. You measured, cut, drilled, pieced and painted it. No one else. And that makes it a valuable, personal original work of art paid with the price of a little elbow grease (and supplies).

“The beauty of any DIY workshop is that it’s personal for each woman and takes the guesswork or intimidation out of learning how to build,” White says. She’s worked at The Home Depot for 17 years.

“A lot of times, Home Depot is seen as just a hardware store that’s intimidating with lumber and screws,” she continues, “but there are a lot of things here that don’t cost a lot and aren’t labor intensive. These workshops prove that we can often talk you through projects with the guidance of our skilled associates.”

The Do-It-Herself Workshops offer small refreshments for the ladies, and White encourages those interested to register online in advance.


Want to DIY?
The Home Depot
1501-1 Shallotte Crossing Parkway, Shallotte
(910) 755-5444
Do-It-Herself Workshops are held on the third Thursday of the month, Do-It-Yourself Workshops are held most Saturday mornings, and a Kids’ Workshop is held on the first Saturday of the month. For more detailed times and to register, visit homedepot.com/workshops/#store/3648

Image courtesy of Mark Head