The PubScout visits World of Beer in North Myrtle Beach.

I had been to, reported on and enjoyed my first visit to a World of Beer when one opened in New Jersey — and that’s despite being taxed by a state that sees its citizens as hosts and itself as a giant leech. That very Mother Leech — and probably overregulation — were likely some of the reasons that franchise location closed.

Regardless, the operation that once boasted about having 500 beers available soon gave up the ghost.

So, when I saw a World of Beer off U.S. Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach, I vowed to give it a shot, and yesterday was that day. The purpose of the visit was twofold: first, to sample good beer and have lunch, and second, to introduce two Hungarian friends who had met only virtually via Facebook.

Myrtle Beach SC World of Beer

Ty, a Myrtle beach resident, and Paul, a visiting Jersey boy, were seated next to each other at the high-top table for eight. They spent the afternoon discussing Hungarian heritage, family reminiscences and, I suspect, “dirty” Hungarian phrases, of which there is a considerable number.

“Hungarians are the second-best cursers in the world,” Ty proclaimed. “We’re just behind the Turks.”

And while the two of them chatted about szalonna, chicken paprikas, “best” insults and 1956, the rest of us went about our business. Part of that for me was to chat up the vivacious owner/manager Samantha Rothwell, who disabused me of the notion that her World of Beer is a franchise.

“Ours is privately owned,” she allowed, “by individual owners with corporate sponsors.”

She said that her place regularly has 55 beers on tap and 240 in bottles. The tap beers I had — Hammer at the Hops from Savannah and 13 Stripes, an 11.8% TIPA — were both deliciously fresh, which indicates those taps are cleaned regularly.

The menu is also exceptionally diverse with something for everyone, including giant hanging pretzels that could feed a small family.

We were fortunate to have a spark plug of a server in Robin, who couldn’t have been more attentive, efficient and friendly.

World of Beer Pretzels Myrtle Beach SC

When I inquired of Samantha how World of Beer has been faring through the COVID business, she asserted that her business was thriving. Perhaps its location in South Carolina attracts North Carolinians, where the restrictions seem to be greater.

The building is welcoming and airy and graced with 10 TVs in the event your company doesn’t command your attention (no chance of that with our boisterous group), and there’s a long bar that can accommodate both couples and singles who want good food, good beer and good service.

You go to a place called the World of Beer for beer, naturally, but there’s a world of other good things happening at Samantha’s place in North Myrtle.

Want to go?
World of Beer Bar & Kitchen
1386 U.S. Highway 17 N, North Myrtle Beach, SC
(843) 353-3889